COVID-19: Most Common Questions Answered

It has been a scary time lately for many people around the world with many places now in lockdown like we are here in the UK. When I first started hearing about COVID-19 I wasn’t sure what to think. Was it just a flu? Was it a biological weapon released from China? I was reading […]Read More

Surviving Suicide

Before we start I must warn you that this article could end up getting very deep and very personal. I have battled with my mind from a very early age and grew up doing nothing but trying to hide that away. My family didn’t understand it and thought I was just acting out and then […]Read More

Good Reasons and Firearms

Here in the UK before you will be issued with a firearms licence you will need to provide a good enough reason for owning the firearm but this has always been a dark area with no one really sure what a good enough reason even is. Try using protection or self defence as an answer […]Read More

Respect the Police

I’m not going to lie, the police have had plenty of bad press. But so has the average citizen and I still respect them. Whether it is from not turning up to a reported crime to police harassment, people have their reasons as to why they are losing their respect for the police and I […]Read More