I’m Sorry: We’re Now Accepting Donations

Hello! My name is Craig Burr, the founder and chief editor of I have been working hard here on the site since the end of 2018 and have written over 720 articles for no compensation at all while trying to make money elsewhere to keep it going and sustain my work. We’ve built a […]Read More

Surviving Suicide

Before we start I must warn you that this article could end up getting very deep and very personal. I have battled with my mind from a very early age and grew up doing nothing but trying to hide that away. My family didn’t understand it and thought I was just acting out and then […]Read More

Good Reasons and Firearms

Here in the UK before you will be issued with a firearms licence you will need to provide a good enough reason for owning the firearm but this has always been a dark area with no one really sure what a good enough reason even is. Try using protection or self defence as an answer […]Read More

Respect the Police

I’m not going to lie, the police have had plenty of bad press. But so has the average citizen and I still respect them. Whether it is from not turning up to a reported crime to police harassment, people have their reasons as to why they are losing their respect for the police and I […]Read More

We’re Getting Evicted!

Well we received a knock on the door earlier today from our landlord to inform us that he wanted to sell the house. We had to go for private rented accommodation after the fire at our last house so there is no way that we can afford to buy it. Anyway, I just wanted you […]Read More