10 Amazing Ideas for Turning Your Trash Into Treasure

 10 Amazing Ideas for Turning Your Trash Into Treasure

Image by Southern Revival

I’m sure you have heard of the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” but it doesn’t have to be that way. We want to give you some ideas for turning your own trash into your own treasure. This is where upcycling is so effective.

What is Upcycling?

If you have never heard of upcycling, it is basically the process used to take “junk” and turn it into something of greater value. Don’t get this confused with recycling which is actually quite different.

  • Recycling – changes the form of the object
  • Upcycling – the form stays the same.

Upcycling is not as difficult as you may imagine it to be either and there are generally only three steps to upcycling a product.

  1. Collect your resources
  2. Think of how to use them
  3. Get to work doing it

Not only does it save you money but upcycling can make you money too as you can go on to sell your upcycled products afterwards.

Let’s look at 10 amazing ideas for turning your trash into treasure…

1. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Image by The Garden Roof Coop

I absolutely love these bird feeders and if you have any wine bottles going in the trash then you should check out the instructions to make your own wine bottle bird feeder over at The Garden Roof Coop here.

2. Lotion Bottle Phone Holder

Image by Makeit-Loveit

Tired of those phone cords all over the place when you’re charging your phone? Here’s a very simple trick to take a lotion bottle and turn it into a holder for your phone and cords while charging.

3. Coffee Can Planters

Image by The Wicker House

This little tutorial will show you how to take your

4. Tin Can Lanterns

Image by Crafts Unleashed

Tin cans can be upcycled into many different things but we really love these lanterns by Crafts Unleashed. You can view the tutorial here and get creative with your designs.

5. Knife Block Craft Caddy

Image by Thrift Diving

With a drill and a lick of paint you can take your old knife block and turn it into a cool craft caddy. This is another fun little idea to get the kids involved with and you can check out the tutorial here.

6. Soda Can Wall Art

Image by Purple Hues and Me

Before you think about recycling those cans, try turning them into some cool wall art. You can follow the tutorial here which will show you how to make the wall art above out of empty soda cans and wire hangers.

7. Entertainment Center to Kids Kitchen

Image by Southern Revivals

Don’t throw out that old furniture just yet. This tutorial from Southern Revivals will show you how to take an old entertainment center and turn it into a play kitchen for the kids. This tutorial is incredibly easy to follow along with and there are plenty of pictures so you can see each step properly.

8. CD Rack Planter

Image by Claireabellemakes

People just don’t really buy CDs anymore and if you are thinking of throwing your wooden CD racks out, check out this tutorial by Claireabellemakes which will upcycle it into a garden planter.

9. From Dresser to Dollhouse

One of the biggest shocks you will get as a parent when your child says that they want a dollhouse is the price that they are being sold for in the stores. Why not try making your own instead and this tutorial will show you how. You could take it a step further and make a dollhouse castle too.

10. Steel Drum Chair

This video by peshgeorgiev shows you a DIY chair upcycle in which a steel drum is turned into a chair. Sadly, it is not a step-by-step video but you do get a general idea of the main steps involved.

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