10 Badass DIY Weapons to Get Started on Today

On one side of the scale, you have some awesome DIY weapons but if you head over to the other end of the scale, you get some really badass weapons that you can make yourself and that may just save your life one day.

I shouldn’t really have to say this but understand that some weapons are completely illegal here in the UK. This post is here for educational purposes only.

Also we ask that you take great care with anything here that you may try to recreate as they are not just badass, they will do damage. Here we have scoured the internet to bring you 10 badass DIY weapons to get started on today.

1. The Warhammer

This warhammer looks awesome and will do the job. It is simple to make at home and requires very little materials.

2. Saw Blade Tomahawk

Grab a couple pieces of wood and a saw blade and make yourself the saw blade tomahawk. I love this thing!

3. Saw Blade Thrower

Still have some saw blades laying around? Good, let’s put them to good use by making our very own saw blade thrower.

4. Flamethrower

Although illegal here in the UK, there is no denying that flamethrowers are badass. This one will certainly not disappoint. You will need an air compressor, a diesel nozzle, a fuel tank, a hose, and some fittings to make your own flamethrower.

5. Punji Stick Pit Trap

When the SHTF, you will need a way to protect what is yours and one badass way though you should check with local laws, is a punji stick pit trap. There are only really 6 steps which are:

  1. Dig a large hole at least 6 feet deep
  2. Use a knife to sharpen some stick into spikes
  3. Embed the sticks in the dirt pit every 12 inches
  4. Cover the hole with thin sticks
  5. Put leafy branches over the sticks
  6. On top of that add leaves and grasses to make it look natural

You can view the full post for making a Punji Stick Trap here.

6. Laser Guided Blowgun

I see this pop up every now and then and still love it today as much as I did when I first saw the video. If you have ever wanted your own laser guided blowgun, now is your chance to make your very own.

7. The Death Ray

Turn an old television screen into a badass weapon such as the giant death ray. This will burn at 2000 degrees of heat that can be used for any number of things. This one comes courtesy of our favorite YouTuber The King of Random.

8. Bolt Action 12 Gauge

If you can make one of these bad boys at home, ain’t nobody going to come messing around near your property when the SHTF.

9. Bullwhip

Bullwhips were originally used as a means to control animals but also make incredibly effective weapons. The video below will show you how to make your own bullwhip out of paracord

10. Xtreme PVC Bow

A top quality bow and arrow kit could set you back a lot of money. The good news is that you can make a top quality one yourself for a fraction of the cost.


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