10 Best Campfire Cooking Ideas

 10 Best Campfire Cooking Ideas

Photo by The Adventure Bite

Camp food doesn’t always need to be bland and boring. In fact, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of awesome campfire cooking ideas around the internet.

Here, we have put together some of the best campfire cooking ideas that we have found so try them out on your next trip and let us know what you think.

1. Camping Breakfast Sandwich

Photo by The Adventure Bite

Now if that picture doesn’t get you licking your lips I don’t know what will. When out on your adventures, you need to start the day right so why not check out this idea from The Advnture Bite and start making an awesome breakfast sandwich.

2. Breakfast Burrito

Image by Taste and Tell

If the breakfast sandwich is just not for you then why not try the breakfast burrito from Taste and Tell.

3. Campfire Hash Browns

Image by FOODjimoto

That’s right, hash browns are easy to make even when out camping. check out how to do it for yourself over at FOODjimoto.

 4. Surf ‘n Turf Foil Packs

Image by Delish

Grab yourself a little foil and try out these Surf ‘n Turf Foil Packs from Delish. Steak, shrimp, corn, tomatoes, red onion, lime wedges, and garlic. Everything you need for a nice and filling meal.

5. Pizza Bread

Image by Delish

Who doesn’t like pizza. OK, so I might know one person but they don’t come camping with us so all is good. If you want to feed more then check out this tasty looking pizza bread from Delish.

6. Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Image by Delish

If you want something a little simpler then it really doesn’t get much easier than the campfire cinnamon rolls. Just skewer, toast and drizzle with icing.

7. Campfire French Toast

Image by This Lil Piglet

Get this delicious and easy-to-make recipe that will surely bring a smile to your little campers. You can check out the recipe for campfire French toast here.

8. Onion Bombs

Image by This Grandma is Fun

Like ground beef? Like onions? Then try ground beef wrapped in onion and I guarantee you will love it. Get the easy recipe from This Grandma is Fun here.

9. Foil-Wrapped Camping Hot Dogs

Image by Frugal Coupon Living

If you camp out with the children then you need to try the foil-wrapped camping hot dogs recipe from Frugal Coupon Living which you can find here. It’s delicious and it’s easy-to-prepare that your kids can tag along to create this masterpiece.

10. Southwest Chicken Foil Packet

Image by Everyday Dishes

Get your main chicken course prepared in an instant by doing a chicken foil packet. This Mexican-inspired camp recipe includes salsa, Mexican cheese, cilantro, etc. Surely, the whole family will love this. Go ahead and get the recipe here.

As you can see, camp cooking does not have to be boring. These are just 10 of the many campfire cooking ideas out there. Have something you want to share? Add us on Twitter and let us hear your own ideas.

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