10 Paracord Projects for Survival

 10 Paracord Projects for Survival

Whether you are looking for some cool paracord projects to pass your time or you are looking at creating something that can save space in your kit, we are sure you will find something in the list below. These paracord projects for survival range from beginners to advanced but once you get the hang of it, you will be creating your own stuff in no time.

1. Paracord Belt

If a paracord bracelet just doesn’t provide you with enough paracord when you need it, a paracord belt certainly will and this one will give you just over 100′ of paracord. You end up with a cool looking one and three quarter inch wide paracord belt with removable 3000lb carabiner at one end and a 2500lb triangle D-ring at the other. When needed, the whole belt comes apart with a quick undo of the knot hidden behind the D-ring, giving you just over 100′ of paracord. You can find the instructions for this paracord belt here.

2. Paracord Rock Sling

I am sure that you know the story of the biblical battle between David and Goliath. The story is that a shepherd, David, equipped only with a sling, defeated the warrior champion Goliath with a well-aimed shot to the head. The story illustrates two important aspects of a sling: Its a simple low-status weapon, and in the hands of an expert, it can be devastatingly effective. If you want to try your hand at creating your very own paracord rock sling check out the following video for instructions.

3. Paracord Key Fob

With this paracord key fob you can store your cash, matches, or any other small essential survival item you can think of in this fob with a secret compartment. Check out the instructions and make your own over at DIYProjects.

4. Giant Paracord Monkey Fist

A paracord monkey fist is good to carry for both survival and self defense purposes. They are easy to conceal yet carry enough power to slow down ANY attacker. Follow the tutorial at DIY Projects to make your own paracord monkey fist with a pool ball.

5. Paracord Wallet

Watch the video below to make your very own wallet using nothing but a bit of paracord. I have seen these for sale on Amazon and Etsy for ridiculous prices so why not save yourself some money and make your very own.

6. Paracord Bullwhip

The paracord bullwhip is more of an advanced project but well worth the effort for anybody that wants to learn something new and learn some new skills along the way. Stick with it until completion and you will have a bullwhip that cracks loudly and easily. You can view the instructions for this here.

7. Paracord Pouch

If you are looking for something that can hold your phone then why not give the paracord pouch a go. It is useful for holding various rectangular objects such as your phone or even your mini survival tin kit. You can check out the instructions here.

8. Paracord Sandals

Well, if your boots fall apart in the wilderness, you could always have a backup plan with a pair of paracord sandals which are probably lighter than any you will purchase in a store. Check out the instructions here.

9. Blaze Bar Quick Deploy Paracord Bracelet

When you are in a survival situation, every second counts. This blaze bar paracord bracelet is designed to quickly deploy in under 20 seconds! Check out the tutorial here to make your very own blaze bar, quick deploy paracord bracelet and be at ease knowing you’re a little more ready for an emergency situation.

10. Paracord Watchband

If you already have a watch face but the strap has maybe broken or you just want to make it a little more ‘survivalist’ then check out the instructions here for making a paracord watchband. You can also follow the same steps in this tutorial to make a paracord bracelet with a side release buckle.

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