10 Prepper Websites I Visit Often

As any website owner must do, before writing any posts here at UKSG we do our research and we usually do that by visiting other prepper and survival sites. After all, no single website can hold all of the answers that you need and many have their own takes on certain topics.

I am always in search of new information and I do that with the help of a select number of websites that I class as being authorative on the subject.

Today I will be sharing my list of the 10 prepper and survival websites that I visit often in my quest for knowledge. Check them out and feel free to share your own in the comments section at the end of this post.

This list is in no particular order, they are just listed as I have them listed in front of me.

1. Prepper Website

Prepper Website is a news aggregation website run by Todd Sepulveda that pulls in some of the best content from around the web. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in frugal living or preparing for disaster, you are bound to find a lot of useful content here.

2. UK Preppers Guide

The owner of UK Preppers Guide has been prepping in some form for over 40 years and he shares the knowledge that he has learned to the readers of his website. The site has been up and running since 2013 so there is a lot of useful content to get into from gear reviews, bushcraft, hunting, self defence and he even has his own YouTube channel.

While the website is primarily geared towards the UK prepper, the knowledge gained can be used no matter where in the world you are.

3. Backdoor Survival

If you find that a lot of preparedness websites are a little too ‘deep‘ for your liking you might want to check out Backdoor Survival. The content here is written in a much more friendlier manner than some while still giving exactly the information that you need to survive.

You don’t have to read far into the website to understand that Gaye Levy knows exactly what she is on about and in my opinion, she is a credit to our community.

4. M.A.S.K Tactical

I love this website and their mission statement sums it up pretty well, “Our hope for M.A.S.K. is to truly be a place where you can go from novice to expert level survivalist simply by being apart of our Warrior Tribe, soaking up all the knowledge, and putting it to work through both digital, and physical training programs. We are all students of survival and it’s impossible to know everything. That’s why we have molded this as a community, because the best way to learn, is from everyone around you. M.A.S.K. is a home for anyone looking to become more prepared, in any aspect.”

5. Survivalist Prepper

Survivalist Prepper was started back in 2013 in an attempt to get the right information out there to help others survive uncertain times. At Survivalist Prepper you will learn everything from water safety, to finances, to operational security and so much more. The site is updated regularly so there is always something new that you can be learning. Here is an excerpt from their about page:

Most of us cannot spend every extra dollar we have on expensive guns, ammo, MRE’s or underground bunkers. But we can learn how to survive when all of that is taken away from us.

6. The Prepper Journal

I have been visiting The Prepper Journal since way before my own website was ever started and they cover a wide variety of different topics to get you better prepared for whatever life throws at you. According to their about page they have well over 1,700 articles and have been viewed more than 12.1 million times since beginning back in 2013.


OFFGRID SURVIVAL is the go-to place for those that are after a more in-depth look into off grid survival living. While it may be in-depth, the content by Robert Richardson, author of The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World, is still suitable for both beginners and those that have been living the off grid lifestyle for a while.

8. The Survival Mom

The Survival Mom was started back in June 2009 by mother of two Lisa Bedford and focuses more on everyday emergencies that we are all more likely to face than full-scale disasters. It was created to teach moms and potential moms how to prep and survive although the content can be used by anyone interested in the subject. Lisa doesn’t throw you into the deep end but instead will show you how to prepare by taking baby steps so that you don’t become overwhelmed.

9. Modern Survival Online

Modern Survival Online is absolutely packed full of content for preppers of all levels. MSO leave nothing out when it comes to survival and cover literally everything that you need from food to guns and all that is in between. They have a great team of writers and the website always seems to have something new that you can be reading.

10. The Organic Prepper

Within the many articles on The Organic Prepper you will find lots of information from frugal living, the organic lifestyle, current events and weather patterns. There are also many great books on the site covering the same topics. Whether or not you believe the end of the world is just around the corner, The Organic Prepper has something for you.

Have a site you would like to share? Let us hear about them in the comments below.


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