10 Survival and Preparedness Bestselling Books

 10 Survival and Preparedness Bestselling Books

When it comes to survival and emergency preparedness, knowledge is power. Having equipment is all well and good, but having understanding is what matters most. With the vast amounts of information available to us today, it can feel overwhelming when it comes to actually learning the skills that we need and there is a lot of bad information out there.

The books that we are going to take a look at below are some of the most read, rated, and reviewed on Amazon as I type. We are going to be focusing on the top 10 bestsellers so you should be able to at least find a couple that are to your liking.

10 Survival and Preparedness Bestselling Books

1. Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

Author: Dave Canterbury

Taking the number one slot is Bushcraft 101 by survivalist expert Dave Canterbury. This in-depth and valuable guide offers only the most important survival skills to help you craft resources from your surroundings and truly experience the beauty and thrill of the wilderness. Inside you will find everything from putting together your kit, to creating tools, food collection, cooking and protection from the elements.

2. Going Off the Grid

Author: Gary Collins

This guide will teach you how to get away from the city life to live much simpler, and stress-free. Written by fitness and military intelligence expert Gary Collins, this is sure to show you how to reclaim your independence through a series of step-by-step instructions for creating your self-sustaining refuge.

3. 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition

Author: Clint Emerson

I personally love this addition to my survival library. Written by retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson comes the essential guide for surviving today’s emergencies—from navigating in the wild to staying alive in any disaster. This is the Swiss Army knife of books covering everything from securing shelter, building fire, finding food, and navigating back to civilization no matter the environment to thinking like a special forces solider so that you can survive a hostage situation, an active shooter, a suicide bomber, or a terrorist threat on the subway, and even apply trauma medicine as a first responder.

4. Advanced Bushcraft: An Expert Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

Author: Dave Canterbury

With Advanced Bushcraft Dave has done it again with a second bestselling book on the art of wilderness survival. Using what you learned in Bushcraft 101, Dave then covers crucial survival skills like tracking to help you get even closer to wildlife, crafting medicines from plants, and navigating without the use of a map or compass. He also offers ways to improvise and save money on bushcraft essentials like fire-starting tools and packs.

5. Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life

Author: Jason Hanson

Former CIA officer Jason Hanson reveals safety and survival techniques that will keep you and your family safe at all times. The secrets Jason reveals in this book have gone on to literally save lives. Throughout it’s pages you will learn how to stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world.

6. Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide

Author: Jim Cobb

The Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide is filled with step-by-step projects that can prepare your home and your family for any disaster. This isn’t about keeping a three day supply of water, this book teaches you how to survive when nothing returns to normal for weeks, months or even years. This book covers everything from collecting water right through to creating a new society.

7. Survival Hacks: Over 200 Ways to Use Everyday Items for Wilderness Survival

Author: Creek Stewart

We love survival hacks here at UK Survival Guides So why not have a book containing over 200 of them. Survival expert Creek Stewart will show you how to turn everyday items into survival necessities with the use of easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

8. SAS Survival Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere

Author: John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman

I knew it was only a matter of time as I was scrolling through the bestselling books that I would come across the SAS Survival Handbook by John. This book is the definitive resource for all campers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers. From basic campcraft and navigation to fear management and strategies for coping with any type of disaster.

9. How to Stay Alive: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Any Situation

Author: Bear Grylls

Starting off with the most essential survival skills—assembling your survival kit, making a fire, building a shelter—and then moving on to more specific situations, such as escaping fire, dealing with harsh terrain, and handling medical emergencies, Grylls is a sure guide for any type of disaster situation. Readers will learn how to survive in a life raft, land a helicopter in an emergency, treat hypothermia and frostbite, escape from quicksand, and numerous other lifesaving tips.

10. Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit

Author: Creek Stewart

Learn everything you need about bugging out and building the ideal 72-hour bug out bag. Comes complete with a complete BOB checklist, photos and explanations of each item, a resources list and practice exercises that make it easy to follow along.

What would you say is the best survival book that you have in your survival library? Have you read any of the survival books listed above? Maybe you don’t agree that they should make the list? If you own any of those above, let us know what you thought of them in the comments section below.

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