11 Safety Tips for Women

 11 Safety Tips for Women

Women are usually seen by criminals as being more vulnerable and as such, easy targets. They don’t want somebody that is going to make it difficult for them. For this reason you need to make sure that you do not become an easy victim.

The 11 tips below are a starting point but you should always be looking to educate yourself on ways in which you can stay safe when you are out alone.


Whether you are putting the trash outside the property or going to the store, you should always be aware of who and what is going on around you. Before exiting your vehicle when you get home after work, look over the property for anything that seems out of place.

Never Pull Your Car Over for Others

Criminals will often try to flag you down and make it seem like there is something wrong with your vehicle in an attempt to make you stop. Instead of stopping your vehicle, drive to the nearest garage or shop where you will be safe to have a look yourself or can ask for assistance.

Keep Doors Locked

When driving, keep all the doors of the vehicle locked and the windows rolled up. Suspects often hijack or smash-and-grab motorists stopped at a red traffic light. Leaving your doors unlocked is just making it easy for them.

Don’t Get Distracted

Never walk with your head down looking at your phone but keep your phone in your purse and pay attention to your surroundings. If it’s late and you feel uneasy or parked far from the entrance, ask a security guard to escort you to your car. If anything seems out of place when walking towards your car, back away immediately and return to the shop from where you can safely ask for assistance or call for help.

Never Walk Alone

This is especially important when it is dark. There may be times when you have no choice at which point you need to use all your senses to remain safe. Don’t listen to music or you won’t be able to hear anybody trying to creep up on you from behind.

Make Eye Contact

As you walk, make it a point to make eye contact with everyone that you pass. By doing this you send a strong defensive signal that you have seen them and could identify them if necessary.

Scream and Yell

If somebody tries to grab you make as much noise as you possibly can by yelling and screaming at the top of your lungs. Bang stuff, do anything that will draw attention to yourself and what is happening.

Strike Where it Hurts

If you need to defend yourself then you need to make sure it counts by striking where it is going to hurt the most. The size of an attacker doesn’t matter, certain parts of the body just can’t be trained to take a hit. Aim for the eyes, nose, throat, groin and shins.

Never Trust a Stranger

Never trust a stranger based on his or her appearance alone. Most offenders don’t even look like criminals but instead they look like your friendly next door neighbor, and are sometimes even dressed quite well.

Watch the Way You Dress

If you are wearing a tight dress or skirt, or wearing high heels or wedges, you won’t be able to run very fast if you needed to escape. Accessories likes scarves can be grabbed.

Always Watch Your Handbag

Never leave your handbag unattended. Purse snatchers are very sly and will grab your bag and disappear the moment you turn your back. Your bag will more than likely also contain something that has your address on it which could put you at even more risk.

Do you have any personal safety tips for women that you live by? Let us hear them in the comments below.

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