123 Paracord Projects

 123 Paracord Projects

We have discussed a few different paracord projects here before such as the paracord rock sling and the paracord donut as well as how to spot the fake paracord that is being sold online. A quick search online and you will see that there are literally thousands of different paracord projects that are floating around the different survival websites and forums.

Well today we are going to be sharing a list of 123 paracord projects that can get you well and truly into the art. These paracord projects cover literally all categories so there should be something for everyone here.

You can buy paracord on many websites nowadays but always check the seller reviews before purchasing to make sure that you are getting the real deal. My personal choice is the Paracord Planet Paracord but there are many good brands out there.

Before starting on your paracord projects there are some items that you are going to need. These are:

  • Paracord
  • Paracord Jig – you can purchase these online but they are easy enough to make one yourself at home and there are plenty of easy to follow videos available on YouTube.
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Lighter – to seal the ends of the cut paracord to stop it from fraying
  • Clips and Buckles – depending on your chosen paracord project, you will need something to hold the finished product together
  • Stanley knife – any sharp blade of some sort will do

Whether you are looking for a new way of carrying your paracord or you are wanting to make and sell with paracrd, here’s our list of 123 paracord projects.

123 Paracord Projects

  1. 4 Strand Fishtail Survival Bracelet
  2. Advanced Cobra Bracelet
  3. Archery Arm Guard
  4. Axe Handle Wrap
  5. Backpack Strap Wrap
  6. Belt Clip
  7. Bike Frame Handle
  8. Bolo Tie
  9. Boonie Hat Wrap
  10. Bootlace Survival Kit
  11. Bottle Harness
  12. Bow Sling
  13. Break Away Paracord Lanyard
  14. Building Blocks Survival Bracelet
  15. Bullwhip
  16. Camera Strap
  17. Cargo Zipline
  18. Celtic Bar Bracelet
  19. Centered Stitch Weave Bracelet
  20. Climbing Harness
  21. Coasters
  22. Coiled Lanyard
  23. Compass Bracelet
  24. Compression Sack
  25. Compression Strap with a Handle
  26. Cord Reinforcement
  27. Corkscrew Paracord Bracelet
  28. Dog Collar
  29. Dog Harness
  30. Dog Halti Collar
  31. Dog Leash
  32. Dragons Tongue Bracelet
  33. Easy Drawstring Bag
  34. EDC Pouch
  35. Emergency Tourniquet
  36. Fast Rope
  37. Fence Jumper
  38. Firesteel Wrap
  39. Firewood Carrier
  40. Fishing Bracelet
  41. Fishing Lure
  42. Fishing Net
  43. Flashlight Paracord Strap
  44. Flashlight Wrap
  45. Game Strap
  46. Glasses Lanyard
  47. Guitar Strap
  48. Gun Sling
  49. Hammer Holder
  50. Hammock
  51. Hammock Chair
  52. Hanging Chair
  53. Hangmans Noose Knot
  54. Hat Band
  55. Headband
  56. Hiking Belt
  57. Horse Halter
  58. ID Badge Lanyard
  59. Jump Rope
  60. Knife Grip
  61. Koozi
  62. Kronos Bar Paracord Bracelet
  63. Kubotan with Screw
  64. Kunai Rope Dart
  65. Ladder with Wooden Rungs
  66. Lanyard
  67. Laptop Harness
  68. Lawn Mower Pull String
  69. Leatherman Pouch
  70. Monkey Fist
  71. Monster Cobra Bracelet
  72. Mug Handle
  73. Multitool Pouch
  74. Nautical Bracelet
  75. Neckerchief Slide
  76. Net Bag
  77. Nunchakus
  78. Old-Fashioned Tree Swing
  79. Paddle Wrap
  80. Paracord Bandolier
  81. Paracord Belt
  82. Paracord Cross
  83. Paracord Donut
  84. Paracord Grenade
  85. Paracord Handcuffs
  86. Paracord Pace Counter
  87. Paracord Pouch
  88. Paracord Ranger Beads
  89. Paracord Rock Sling
  90. Paracord Snake
  91. Phone Pocket
  92. Poseable Army Men
  93. Pot Holder/Wrap
  94. Quick Deploy Bracelet
  95. Quick Deploy Key Fob
  96. Rope Ladder
  97. Sandals
  98. Secret Compartment Keychain
  99. Self Defense Key Fob
  100. Shotgun Sling
  101. Simple Cobra Weave Survival Bracelet
  102. Slingshot
  103. Snare Trap
  104. Snowshoes
  105. Special Forces Escape & Evasion Kit
  106. Stool
  107. Survival Belt with Emergency Pack
  108. Survival Bracelet with Fire Starter
  109. Survival Bracelet with Fire Starter #2
  110. Survival Raft
  111. Tank Tracks Survival Bracelet
  112. Tent Support
  113. Trail Markers
  114. Trivets
  115. USB Bracelet
  116. Wallet
  117. Watchbands
  118. Water Bottle Cap Holder
  119. Water Bottle Net
  120. Wrist Lanyard
  121. Zipper Pulls
  122. Zipper Weave Bracelet
  123. Zippo Lighter Pouch

If you are interested in taking your hobby a step further, I recommend you to check out the following books:

As you can see, when it comes to paracord, you are only limited to your imagination. Have a project you want to add to the list? Let us hear about them in the comments below.

Have a tutorial you would like to share with our readers? Let us know and we can get them posted.

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