3 Rules for Food When SHTF

 3 Rules for Food When SHTF

Nobody knows when or what the next disaster may be. It could be an asteroid hurtling towards earth, a hurricane, or the world could go into chaos when the internet shuts down and people can no longer post to Facebook what they are doing every second of the day.

The only difference between us preppers and those that are unprepared, we will be ready when disaster strikes and we will ensure that even when the stores have long been empty, our family will still eat just like before. We will survive!

Time and time again, the past has proven to us that everything we see as “normal” can be wiped out in an instant.

While many preppers have different reasons for doing what they do, we all agree on the fact that you plan first, buy and store, then survive. During this post, we are going to look at 3 rules when it comes to your supplies and when the SHTF.

1. Keep it Hidden

What will the unprepared do when they have no food or supplies for their family for extended periods of time? They will find those that shout from the rooftops just how much they have stored away.

Many preppers will openly chat about prepping on the Internet but it’s a different story in real life. I have my close family and friends that understand what I do but to the rest, it’s hidden. Not through being ashamed but for our own protection.

I may be able to defend our home against a small group of individuals but when the whole hungry neighborhood is at the door, we have no chance.

Lisa Bedford of The Survival Mom summed it up best when she said:

The first rule of prep club is you don’t talk about prep club.Lisa Bedford (The Survival Mom)

There are groups that will meet up offline and discuss what they are doing and share tips but this must be done with extreme caution. Even if you do choose to join and participate in these groups, don’t reveal exactly what you have.

We may be seen as crazy or insane for looking after our families and to be fair, the media hasn’t exactly helped us with this at all.

2. Only Store What You Eat

You can go to any number of websites and be given lists of “exactly” what to store. Never follow these lists, only use them as a starting point. As an example, it would be pointless storing meat just because some list told you to but your vegetarian.

Water and gear is easy enough to store away but food needs a little more careful planning. Also, it is not just about storing what you eat but you also don’t want to store too much of any one thing to avoid food fatigue. Always eating the same thing would put anyone off from eating.

Whatever you store, you can’t set-and-forget. You must rotate your supplies so as to keep them from going bad.

3. It Won’t Last Forever

It can be very tempting to dive into a well stocked pantry whenever you see fit but that food won’t last forever.

Your Survival pantry should be used as a “margin” to see you through tough times but you should also have the skills to grow your own food should your supplies run low.

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