4 Easy Self Defense Tactics to Protect Yourself

 4 Easy Self Defense Tactics to Protect Yourself

I had originally planned on titling this post ‘4 Easy Self Defense Tactics for Women”, but the fact is, if needed, these simple tactics can be used by anybody that is trying to protect themselves. Now, some people may disagree with me here, a man might not feel very ‘macho’ if he is going for somebody’s groin or eyes but if it means the difference between you going off in an ambulance or going back home to your family, you should put those thoughts aside and do what you have to do to make it possible.

In the year ending March 2017, there were an estimated 1.2 million violent crimes in the UK. 1.25 million in the US. These stats include for violent crime cover a wide range of offences from minor assaults (such as pushing and shoving), harassment and abuse (that result in no physical harm), through to wounding and homicide.

No matter what the offence is, you have a right to protect yourself. 

4 Easy Self Defense Tactics to Protect Yourself

Use the Heel of Your Palm

Everybody can learn to strike effectively using the palm of the hand directed at the chin or the nose of an opponent. More so than throwing a punch which if done incorrectly, can cause the victim more pain than the attacker. Using the palm of your hand, deliver as much direct force as possible to the end of the nose or up into the chin. Watch the video below to learn how to use the palm strike effectively.

Go for the Eyes

It doesn’t matter how tough or strong somebody is, they can’t train their eyes for an attack. These are a vulnerable area to attack, WILL hurt an attacker and quite possibly limit their vision.

Learn the Arm Bar

If an attacker tries to grab you it is natural for you to try an pull away but going on the offensive could actually prove to be a better tactic. These usually involve an attacker coming in with a lunging punch, you block and sidestep, control the arm, step in, and then apply pressure to the arm.

Go For Groin When Facing Away

The video below from Refinery29 explains many life-saving self-defense tactics, but one important one is this: If grabbed from behind, kick your own butt. By forcefully lifting your foot up and behind you, guess where you will hit? That’s right: Your attacker’s groin. And he likely won’t be expecting to be kicked in the groin while you are facing away from him.

No matter what anybody says, the most effective way to learn how to defend yourself is to start taking classes. They are relatively cheap but you will learn skills that will last a lifetime.

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