4 Tips for Defending Yourself Without a Weapon

 4 Tips for Defending Yourself Without a Weapon

What happens when somebody attacks you, but you don’t have a weapon to defend yourself?

Nobody actually wants to be the victim of an attack, but it happens and is doing so much more frequently as of late. It’s not like we wake up in the morning and think, “well I hope somebody attacks me today.”

The fact is, we grow up hearing about how we’re constantly in danger of being victimized. But have you ever stopped to think what you’d actually do if you found yourself in a threatening situation?

It doesn’t matter who you are or how big and scary you look, you should have a personal defense plan in place.

The goal of any combative situation is to get away safely. If you have an opportunity to get away instead of fighting, then do so!

Don’t listen to those that say that running away is the cowards way out. If somebody has a weapon and they are willing to use it, get the heck out of there as soon as possible.

There are times however, when it just won’t be possible to get away. In times like these you must know how to deal with the situation.

Below you will find our tips to ensure your safety if you ever have to defend yourself without a weapon.

1. Shout, Yell, Scream!

If it is not possible to escape the situation, you need to make sure that you are heard by others that may be able to help you.

Make as much noise as possible. An attacker wants an easy target so show them that you are not going to make it easy. Shout, yell, and scream if you need to. If possible, push them back to create some space between the two of you. Once you see an opportunity to escape, do so!

2. Aim For The Vulnerable Areas

The are certain areas on the human body that there just isn’t training for. If you get hit in those areas, it is going to hurt no matter who you are.

If an attacker didn’t back down after making noise and continues to press forward, it is time to target those areas.

Primary areas include:

  • The eyes
  • The Throat
  • The Groin

Secondary areas include:

  • The ears
  • The nose
  • The knees

Now, don’t just hit a vulnerable area the once and expect it to be over. The best way to defend yourself without a weapon is to strike sensitive areas with repetition.

You should also target multiple vulnerable parts in your defense. For example, you could kick an attacker in the groin and then grab their head, raise your knee, and strike them in the face.

3. Maximize Damage

Real life is not like it is in the movies. You should never strike with a closed fist as you could end up doing yourself a lot more damage than you cause them.

Instead, you should use the hardest points on your body such as the elbows, knees, or even the top of your forehead. This will help you to maximize the damage you can create.

You should also use your weight to your advantage as well. Don’t think that you need to be big for this, you don’t. Even if you are small-statured, adding force through your body weight can help to create more damage with each strike.

4. Understand Weak Points

If an attacker does not have a weapon, they will often go for a grab. This will usually be to the arm or the neck. Although this action can be quite scary, it actually puts you at an advantage. Remember, every grip has a weak point.

Look for where the attacker’s fingers come together. This is where you can escape.

You want to rotate your arm or leg so that the point of your bones is parallel to the weak point in their grip. Then use force to pull away. This weak point will separate very easily.

If they are using both hands to grip you with, twist your arms so that the attacker gets pulled closer to you. Then, as you escape, kick the attacker in the groin. Follow with a knee to the face, if possible.

If an attacker gets you around the neck from the front, then lift your hands. This naturally breaks the hold. Then twist out of it and get away fast. Practice this with a friend and you will be very surprised at just how easy it is.

If the hold is from behind, tuck your chin into the attacker’s elbow. This will give you some room to breathe, even if the attacker is stronger than you. Then pull down on the attacker’s wrist, pull up on their elbow, and drop to the ground quickly to get free.

You don’t need weapons to defend yourself from an attacker. YOU are the only weapon that you need!

Make sure that you stay safe out there today and keep these tips in mind.

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