5 Best Personal Safety Alarms of 2020

 5 Best Personal Safety Alarms of 2020

If you find yourself about to be attacked in the street, what do you do? Fighting back is not always possible, or even the safest option. When fear sets in or your too “macho” to shout for help, what are your options?

It is much easier to get immediate help if you choose to carry a personal alarm. These are small items, keychains usually, that when activated, can be heard from 1,000 feet away.

There is nothing complicated about personal alarms but there are a lot of different ones on the market so it easy to become lost. Also, it is one self-defense device that isn’t going to get confiscated.

They differ not only in shape and colour. Some of them can be activated by pressing a button, while others – by pulling out a special pin. Which one is more convenient and more practical?

Today we are going to look at our 5 best personal safety alarms of 2020.

SABRE Personal Alarm

The SABRE Personal Safety Alarm on a Key Ring is one of the simplest personal alarms around. It is a well-made keychain style alarm.

It can be activated by pulling the pin from the body sending out a 120dB siren that can be heard from as far away as 600ft.

One of the great things that SABRE do is they contribute a lot to charities and worthy causes. You can help them do this by buying this SABRE personal alarm. It comes in a choice of three colors, each color representing a different charity.

This is a good quality, reliable personal alarm.


  • Nice, straightforward SABRE personal alarm
  • A portion of profits goes to worthy causes
  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Great, general purpose personal alarm


  • The pin is quite hard to pull out, but at least that helps to avoid accidental activation

Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm with Backup Whistle

The Vigilant 130db Personal Alarm with Backup Whistle is a great key-fob style personal alarm. Even if the batteries were dead, you still have an emergency whistle to get attention.

This Vigilant personal alarm also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The siren is triggered by pushing one button and is deactivated by pressing another hidden button.

The Vigilant 130dB personal Alarm with Backup Whistle is a well-designed personal alarm. It’s simple to use and it’s effective. If you want a reliable personal alarm that you can carry with you at all times; this is what you need.

SABRE Runner Personal Alarm

The SABRE Runner Personal Alarm is great for runners, cyclists and hikers.

When out jogging, you need an alarm that is going to be easy to get at in an emergency. That’s exactly what this SABRE product for runners provides.

The alarm is a 130dB siren, which is one of the loudest personal alarms in the SABRE range. You wear it in a comfortable, adjustable wristband that has a Velcro fastening. It will fit any size. You can activate the siren by pulling on a ring.

This is a weatherproof alarm making it ideal in all conditions. It also has a low battery checker so you can always be sure that it will work when needed.

It’s well-designed. It’s comfortable to wear. And, the loud 130dB alarm is perfect for when you are out running or cycling alone.


  • 130dB alarm
  • Weatherproof
  • Battery test button
  • The activation ring doesn’t come all the way out to stop you losing the pin


  • Weatherproof, but certainly not 100% waterproof

Vigilant Personal Alarm for the Elderly

This model is suitable for the elderly due to it having a convenient long cord and a high-sound level of 130dB.

Using the cord, the alarm can be comfortably attached to your arm and the pin easily removed if necessary. The sound is dispersed 1000 feet away, so if you live in the same house, you can always summon some help after a fall.

This also has a built-in flashlight which is useful in a dark corridor or at night. You can activate it by pinching the button and it will illuminate as long as it is held.

Minder Mini 140dB Personal Alarm

Protect yourself from dangerous situations with this multifunctional alarm which also features a torch. It’s small in size but let’s out an ear piercing 140dB siren.

Unlike many keyring alarms this model has a separate alarm cord to the keyring which avoids false activation.

These police approved personal alarms have a separate keyring to the activation pin. So unlike many of their competitors (who sell models where the keyring is the activation pin) in an emergency you can simply throw the pin away. Keeping the alarm and your keys on your person.


  • Can one replace the. Battery ?

  • is there a monthly charge for activation?

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