5 Best Water Bottles of 2020

 5 Best Water Bottles of 2020

We have covered a few ‘best of’ posts here at UK Survival Guides such as the best portable solar chargers, the best backpacks, and even the best hatchets. Today, we are looking at the 5 best water bottles of 2020.

Whether you’re commuting, hiking, or at the gym, a reusable water bottle is a handy way of ensuring that you get enough water throughout the day while not wasting any plastic. Luckily, they don’t come too pricey, and you can get a good sturdy, durable bottle that should last years at a very reasonable price.

Here are our favourites…

The Best Water Bottles of 2020 in Short

ProductAmazon Link
Klean Kanteen Stainless SteelUK/US
Sigg TravelerUK/US
Hydrapak StashUK/US
Lifestraw GoUK/US
Zulu AtlasUK/US
In a Hurry?
If you are in a hurry, then simply take a look at two of these models from our main list below.

  • Klean Kanteen – plenty of room but lacks insular capabilities. UK/US
  • Zulu Atlas – incredibly rugged for a glass water bottle and made to take a hit. UK/US

1. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel

Klean Kanteen are absolutely smashing it with their water bottles. I hadn’t actually started using them until around 8 months ago but wow was I impressed.

The Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel is a single-walled stainless steel container, which does mean that it will not keep your water insulated but it has been designed to last a lifetime.

Crafted from high quality, durable food grade 18/8 stainless steel with a wide opening which is easy to fill, pour and drink from. Single wall stainless steel construction is lightweight, perfect for hydration and keeping drinks cold in the cooler or in the fridge.

If you want a reusable bottle that is a safe, nontoxic alternative to plastic water bottles, then you should seriously consider the Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel.

2. Sigg Traveler

The Sigg Traveler is made from a single piece of aluminum. No welds to be worn down and broken, no pre-formed holes to discover. This thing is a marble slab.

This is ultra-lightweight, durable, great looking, 100% recyclable and safe. Not only are SIGG bottles designed to be reusable, they are 100% recyclable at the end of their very long lives.

Aluminum is one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the world because it is extremely easy to recycle, regaining nearly all of its properties and making it ideal for repurposing.

3. Hydrapak Stash

The Hydrapak Stash has the rigidity of a typical water bottle, but it has the added benefit of you being able to flatten it when it’s empty to save on space in your pack.

It’s compactable and convenient, the Hydrapak Stash collapsible bottle is the ideal water bottle companion for practicality and space saving on your adventures. Once used, it can be twisted or collapsed to a quarter of its size.

The lightweight material makes it 50% lighter than most other hard water bottles. With flexible walls, a TPU carry handle and a grip ring, transporting and holding the bottle is comfortable and easy.

Ultra-durable and abrasion-resistant, the bottle can be put through a lot whilst withstanding damage. With an extremely rigid top and bottom, drinking from the bottle is hassle-free with less chance of spillages and leaks. Liquid can be frozen inside of it, whilst hot water up to 60° C can be filled in it.

4. LifeStraw Go

The LifeStraw Go is absolutely amazing. It’s properties ensure you won’t get sick when drinking from local sources.

It is more than just a water bottle, it’s a life preserver. Now with a carbon capsule that reduces chlorine, bad taste and odor and it is now available in 5 colors.

With their Follow the Liters program, for every LifeStraw product sold, a child in a developing country receives clean, safe drinking water for an entire school year. So you are also helping others by helping yourself.

It’s features include:

  • Removes a minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns; surpasses EU and EPA filter standards. It removes E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium oocysts, and many other waterborne contaminants
  • The LifeStraw filters up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water without using iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals
  • It does not require batteries, it has no moving parts and uses no chemicals. The LifeStraw displays a great and more innovative alternative to iodine tablets and bulky purifiers. Zero aftertaste, no chemicals or iodine, food-grade flexible silicone mouthpiece is removable for easy cleaning
  • This water bottle with a replaceable 2-stage filter is a must have for hiking, camping, travel, backpacking and emergencies. Activated carbon filter reduces odor, chlorine and leaves zero aftertaste. No survival or disaster kit is complete without it. The Leak-proof water bottle made of BPA-free Tritan holds 0.65 liters (23-ounces). LifeStraw filters up 1,000 liters of water, and the carbon capsule filters up to 100 liters. It is easy to replace both, the filter and the carbon capsule by yourself.

5. Zulu Atlas

The Zulu Atlas is definitely a rugged water bottle. The extra-thick annealed material with which the Zulu Atlas is made is designed to be the strong, fibrous material that you need.

It has extra-thick annealed glass and a silicone sleeve which gives the Zulu Atlas strength unrivaled by most other glass bottles. As Zulu says, the Atlas is “built to take a hit.”

The odor-free, stain-free glass preserves the taste and temperature of your favorite beverage in order to give you the great-tasting hydration you need. The protective silicone sleeve and reinforced lid provide maximum impact protection, and the locking flip-lid and one-handed push button operation are designed for fast fluid intake.

It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and each bottle is certified BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead free. Zulu is dedicated to creating glass drink ware that provides customers with the high-quality drinking experience they deserve

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