6 Tips for Surviving a Train Wreck

 6 Tips for Surviving a Train Wreck

Thankfully train wrecks are a pretty rare disaster but they do happen and like anything else, there are things that you can do to increase your chances of survival should it ever happen to you.

2004 holds the record for the worst train wreck in history in which around 1700 people lost their lives after a crowded passenger train was destroyed by a tsunami on a coastal railway.

We have scoured the internet for some of the best tips we can find for surviving a train wreck so let’s get started.

1. Where to Sit on a Train

A lot of people recommend that you should sit somewhere in the middle to give yourself the best chance of survival but this will only work in a head on or tail end collision. The most common form of train wreck however, is derailments. In this case, the best seats would be those that are at least one car back from the center car.

You also want to choose a rear-facing seat located on the aisle. Should you happen to be in a head on collision, this will stop you from being thrown forward.

2. Listen to the PA

The train conductor is the best trained person on board the train for situations should a rail accident occur. Listen to what he tells you and do exactly as he/she says.

3. Use the Alarms

People don’t seem to understand how important using the emergency alarm actually is. If a train wreck happens everyone will already know, right? Wrong!

If something happens at the back of the train, the driver may not be aware and so these emergency stops or intercoms can be used to alert the train driver to what has happened. Each separate train car will have its own alarm.

4. To Jump or Not to Jump

If the need arises you may have to jump off the train but be aware, this is no movie and there is a great chance that you will get hurt but I would much rather that than lose my life. If this is the only choice that you have, jump from the end of the last car and for obvious reasons, the slower the car is traveling the better.

Use anything that you have (rucksack, blankets, etc) to cushion your fall. Place them inside your clothing. Also, be sure to check where your landing. Blindly jumping from a moving train could have very serious consequences.

Never try to land on your feet or put your arms or hands out, you will break bones. Jump perpendicular to the train to keep you from rolling towards the tracks. Don’t forget to cover your head with your arms keeping your body straight.

5. Head for the Nearest Exit

If the train comes to a stop, immediately make your way to, and make use of emergency windows or any emergency lever to open the doors and make your exit.

Windows have a rubber ring colored red which you need to pull then lift the window. Doors have a panel where you need to lift the lock before you can pull the ring open before pushing down the red handle.

6. Don’t Stick Around The Cafe

In any train wreck, the cafe car is not where you want to be. I’m not saying that you can’t use the cafe car but get what you need and then head straight back to your seat.

This is because the cafe car has more items in it that can easily become flying weapons if a train suddenly brakes or derails.

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