62 Wild Plants That You Can Eat

 62 Wild Plants That You Can Eat

Knowing how to forage for edibles in the great outdoors could quite literally be the difference between life and death.

While we do have the Universal Edibility Test to test the plants we find, I just don’t think that in a survival situation you really have the time to be waiting.

While searching the Internet earlier I came across a website MatterofTrust.org that has lots of information that I believe our readers will appreciate.

This being said, never eat any plant that you find unless you are 100% sure that you can identify them.

The following article from Matter of Trust will show you 62 wild plants that you can eat. I will list the plants below but do check out their link to their post for pictures and information.

62 Wild Plants That You Can Eat

  1. Fireweed
  2. Dandelion
  3. Chickweed
  4. Curly Dock
  5. Asparagus
  6. Chicory
  7. Wood Sorrel
  8. Bull Thistle
  9. Alfalfa
  10. Broadleaf Plantain
  11. Creeping Charlie
  12. Forget Me Not
  13. Garlic Mustard
  14. Wild Black Cherry
  15. Harebell
  16. Elderberry
  17. Field Pennycress
  18. Coneflower
  19. Kudzu
  20. Meadowsweet
  21. Mallow
  22. Peppergrass
  23. Pineapple Weed
  24. Pickerelweed
  25. Mullein
  26. Red Clover
  27. Partridgeberry
  28. Sheep Sorrel
  29. Shepherd’s Purse
  30. Sunflower
  31. Spring Beauty
  32. Tea Plant
  33. Toothwort
  34. Teasel
  35. Wild Grape Vine
  36. Wild Bee Balm
  37. Vervain Mallow
  38. Prickly Pear Cactus
  39. Herb Robert
  40. Mayapple
  41. Joe Pye Weed
  42. Knapweed
  43. Wild Leek
  44. Cleavers
  45. Cattail
  46. Blue Vervain
  47. Common Yarrow
  48. Common Sow Thistle
  49. Coltsfoot
  50. Fern Leaf Yarrow
  51. Henbit
  52. Crimson Clover
  53. Evening Primrose
  54. Downy Yellow Violet
  55. Daisy Fleabane
  56. Japanese Knotweed
  57. Milk Thistle
  58. Lambs Quarters
  59. Queen Anne’s Lace
  60. Purple Deadnettle
  61. New England Aster
  62. Supplejack Vine

Original article from Matter of Trust

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