8 Trades for After SHTF

 8 Trades for After SHTF

When preparing for major catastrophic events people automatically look to what they should be stockpiling for those times such as food and ammunition. This is great and will be very much needed but those same people also seem to overlook the trades and skills that will be in high demand during those times.

Eventually your food and ammunition supply is going to run dry and you are going to need something that you can trade with in order to replenish those supplies.

So why not take the time to learn some trades and skills today that can better help you to survive tomorrow?

Unlike your stockpile, your skills do not run dry. They are far more valuable in an emergency than anything else you own.

We are going to take a look at the skills and trades that we believe will be in high demand after SHTF.

You don’t need to go out and master everything on the list. Just choose a couple from here and learn them well.

1. Old-School Carpentry

You may be great with power tools but we believe it is important that you learn how to do the job without modern tools as well as we don’t know what the disaster will be meaning we also don’t know if we will have access to electricity. Having the ability to not only make repairs but also build items will be highly sought after.

2. Making Household Products

We rely so heavily on being able to buy what we need from our local stores but what happens when those stores shut and that access to those products is no more? Most of those products can be easily made at home with very few ingredients so why not learn to do it now and maybe even start a whole new stockpile.

Don’t know where to start? Check out this great post by Morning Chores with a list of 50 products covering a range of ideas that will all come in handy.

3. Vehicle Maintenance

If you get known for having the ability to keep peoples vehicles on the road, you will never have to worry about going without in a SHTF situation. Providing you have some basic tools and plenty of knowledge, this makes for a valuable trade. Check out IFixit for some great repair guides for many vehicles.

4. Fixing Electronics

If we do happen to have electricity then people are going to need those electronic items fixed from time to time so get learning how to fix these now. Again, IFixit is a great website for learning some of these skills at home from repairing phones, computers, cameras and even household appliances.

5. First Aid

The fact is, there will be injuries, lots of them and any functioning hospitals are going to be overwhelmed. We are not saying that you need to go out and learn how to perform major surgery but knowing the basics of wound care, how to treat injury’s such as broken bones and even knowing how to stitch up a wound are skills that are going to be highly sought after.

6. Blacksmithing

The need for a good blacksmith is once again going to be important. There are a variety of things that are going to be needed and this is the job to ensure that you never run out of customers. Take the time to learn everything from forging metals for weapons and tool making to repairing farm equipment, and even making sturdy doors and gates.

7. Butchers

Meat will not be coming from the grocery store after a doomsday disaster. Many people in our society just don’t know what how to butcher and preserve meats and fish. You need to learn how to slaughter an animal using low-tech tools and how to dress the animals to minimize waste.

8. Sewing

Sewing seems to be a dying trade but it will once again be needed when the SHTF. Clothing, socks, and blankets will not just need to be made but will also need to be repaired. Learn how to both use a sewing machine and how to sew by hand. Also learn how to spin wool and make thread as these will be valuable skills for not just your daily post-SHTF work but so you can offer finished supplies for sale or barter as well.

So, what would you add to the list? Add us on Twitter and let us hear your thoughts.

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