90 Surprising Uses for WD-40

 90 Surprising Uses for WD-40

WD-40 is one of those prep items that has an endless supply of uses. It is not only great for dealing with squeaky hinges and preventing rust, there is so much more to this amazing product.

WD-40 stands for Water Displacement and the 40 came from the fact that it took 40 attempts to get it right. 

In 1953, the Rocket Chemical Company set out to create a line of rust-prevention solvents and degreasers for use in the aerospace industry. They worked from a small lab in San Diego, California where it took them 40 attempts to get the water displacing formula worked out. That same product created then, is still in use today.

It was first used to protect the outer skin of the Atlas Missile from rust and corrosion. A few years later, the Rocket Chemical Company experimented with putting WD-40 into aerosol cans, reasoning that consumers might find a use for the product at home. It was officially released to the public in 1958.

In the years that followed, the Rocket Chemical Company has done amazing things. In 1961, a truckload of WD-40 was sent off to help victims of Hurricane Carla recondition flood and rain damaged vehicles and equipment and in 1968 Goodwill kits were sent out to the soldiers in Vietnam to prevent moisture damage on firearms.

Today we want to share with you some of the surprising uses for WD-40 that we are sure can be of help.

WARNING: Please be aware that WD-40 is highly flammable and can be harmful if swallowed. Use in a well-ventilated area away from pets and children.

Without further delay, let’s get on with the list…

WD-40 Uses on Vehicles

  1. Lubricates manifold heat control valve
  2. Cleans motorcycle chains
  3. Protects corrosion-sensitive areas of car
  4. Cleans grime from engines
  5. Keeps hitch locks rust-free
  6. Cleans rusty bolts
  7. Lubricates key holes
  8. Keeps car battery terminals clean
  9. Unsticks car door during cold weather
  10. Lubricates oil gasket
  11. Keeps tire jack working smoothly
  12. Keeps windshield wipers rust-free
  13. Coat truck bed before installing bed liner to make removal easier
  14. Cleans battery chargers
  15. Displaces moisture from spark plug wires
  16. Lubricates emergency brake cable
  17. Displaces moisture from car wiring
  18. Spray on suspension gaskets to resist deterioration
  19. Use on swamp cooler to prevent burnout or seizing
  20. Spray tachometer cables to ensure accurate readings
  21. Prevents oxidation on battery connections
  22. Prevents rust on outside of door panels
  23. Keeps car locks from freezing during winter
  24. Helps protect rubber trunk molding
  25. Prevents spray nozzles for windshield washers from freezing
  26. Drives moisture from DC auto batteries
  27. Helps remove broken keys from locks
  28. Penetrates stuck brake bleeder valves
  29. Lubricates car ignition
  30. Helps free stuck battery cables from terminals
  31. Loosens stuck valves
  32. Unfreezes car doors
  33. Removes paint rub from another vehicle

WD-40 Uses for the Home and Garden

  1. Use to loosen rusty nuts and screws,
  2. Use to clean garden tools and keep them rust free
  3. Cleans patio door glide strip
  4. Removes tea stains from countertops
  5. Lubricates gate locks
  6. Keeps snow from sticking to shovel
  7. Keeps hose ends from corroding
  8. Cleans and protects underside of cast iron skillets
  9. Removes ink from carpet
  10. Keeps garden plant cages bright and rust free
  11. Cleans candle soot
  12. Lubricates kitchen sink handheld spray nozzle
  13. Protects wrought iron from rust
  14. Prevents rust from forming on washing machines
  15. Preventative maintenance on cooking burner
  16. Protects silver from blackening
  17. Protects patio door from sun damage
  18. Cleans mildew from refrigerator gasket
  19. Penetrates and frees stuck toilet shutoff valve
  20. Cleans gunk from chain saws
  21. Cleans heavy dirt from shovels
  22. Coat outside pipes during winter to help prevent freezing damage or pipe bursts
  23. Cleans smoke stains
  24. Removes laundry detergent stain from washer
  25. Lubricates ball valve handle on sprinkler system
  26. Keeps pots from sticking together when stacked in storage
  27. Spray down drain throat to remove scum
  28. Spray around bottom of garbage cans to prevent animals from getting in
  29. Removes oxidation from aluminum window frames
  30. Spray on trash can lids to keep messes from sticking
  31. Cleans outdoor electrical relay contacts
  32. Helps keep wooden handles on garden tools from splintering
  33. Spray on bathroom mirror to keep it from fogging
  34. Lubricates shower door rollers
  35. Penetrates frozen mail box doors
  36. Displaces moisture from submerged cellular phones
  37. Drives moisture from home wiring
  38. Keeps gas shutoff valve from getting stuck
  39. Spray on glass objects that are stuck together to separate without breaking
  40. Unkinks gold chains
  41. Lubricates stuck temperature regulators on refrigerators
  42. Lubricates rubber insulation around storm doors
  43. Penetrates stuck doorknobs for smooth operation
  44. Frees stuck intercom buttons on apartment security systems
  45. Unfreezes patio door locks
  46. Helps to open lock boxes on home that have swollen from the heat
  47. Loosens stuck light switches
  48. Makes dead bolt locks work better
  49. Keeps keys from rusting
  50. Keeps refrigerator door gasket from sticking
  51. Spray sewing thread to prevent breakage
  52. Spray in cracks between sidewalk and cinderblock wall to prevent weeds from growing in them
  53. Coat wire tomato plant cages to keep insects away
  54. Spray on disposable razor blades to make them function longer
  55. Cleans marble windowsills
  56. Spray bottoms of chain-link fences that surround gardens to keep rabbits and rodents out
  57. Lubricates the exhaust fan over the stove, keeping it in excellent working order

For a pdf file containing over 2000 uses for this miracle product, you can download it straight from the WD-40 website here.

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