An Easy Guide to Getting Started with Vermiponics

 An Easy Guide to Getting Started with Vermiponics

I am sure you have heard of hydroponics. I am sure you have heard of aquaponics. But have you heard of vermiponics?

It is almost a mix of both hydroponics and aquaponics with the addition of worms. You are growing your plants in a soil-less environment like you would in hydroponics and whereas in aquaponics (also soil-less) you would use the nutrients that are produced by the broken down fish waste, the nutrients in vermiponics is produced instead by what is known as worm-tea (made from worm castings).

As vermiponics uses worm castings that you can get from your own worm bin if you have one, we believe that it is even more environmentally friendly than both hydroponics and aquaponics.

There isn’t a huge amount of information out there on vermiponics yet but it is fairly easy to get started and less expensive too!

Worm castings have many benefits for your plants such as:

  • They enhance plant growth
  • Higher crop yield
  • Aids¬†germination
  • Less risk of failure
  • Worms produce antibiotics which help protect your plants against diseases

If vermiponics is something that you want to try out for yourself then you can follow the link to the Instructables guide below.

Vermiponic Garden in 12 Steps

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