Are Preppers Crazy?

 Are Preppers Crazy?

The media likes to portray preppers as a crazy bunch of people but they do it for viewer counts and entertainment purposes. People think preppers are crazy because we use language like “TEOTWAWKI, SHTF, and Bug Out” but the kids of today normal when they use language like “YOLO, LOL, and LMAO”.

Is it really crazy to want to save the lives of your loved ones during a natural disaster? Is it really crazy to plan ahead incase of financial issues? I don’t think so but if others want to call me crazy for wanting to survive through anything¬† then i say their crazy for being in denial.

I can’t speak for schools in every town and city but in my local town, children are not even taught basic first aid, so i will make sure my children know it. They are not even taught how to manage money so guess what? Mine will understand how important it is to be wise with their spending.

Your friends and family may alienate you because you stockpile for the future but guess what? If and when a catastrophic event happens and they realise that the government can’t get to them as soon as they thought, they will come running to you.

Are preppers crazy? Others may think so because they dont understand what is right in front of their eyes. They are of the belief that everytime something happens, there will always be help immediately at their door. What they dont realise is that everybody else is going to need help at the same time. How are they going to manage until help can actually get to them?

Preppers prepare for many different reasons from a home invasion to wars, and from small accidents to natural disasters. These are all things that are happening with regularity around the world and becoming more frequent. I don’t see it as crazy to have open eyes to the world around me. Do you?

You also have to remember that prepping is not so much about having a stockpile of food but more so about having the knowledge and skills to deal with various situations. It is about knowing when to stay put and when to get out of dodge.

Don’t let the negative talk of others take your mind away from your end goal. Keep your mind on the responsibility that you have to your friends and your family.

So, are preppers crazy? Not at all. However, like anything else, it can be taken too far. People are dying everyday from various accidents and disasters and I don’t want to be the next.

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