Avalanche in Turkey Takes Out Rescue Team; 28 Dead

 Avalanche in Turkey Takes Out Rescue Team; 28 Dead

An avalanche in Ankara, Turkey has struck a mountain road taking out a large crowd of rescue workers that were there for a previous avalanche. In total, 23 rescue workers were killed will many still left to find.

This second avalanche that struck brought the total figure of those dead had reached 28 38.

Emergency workers dig in the snow around at least three overturned vehicles. Many rescue workers are still missing after being hit by a second avalanche. (via AP)

Late on Tuesday around 300 emergency responders were called out after an avalanche struck near Bahcesaray in Van province, which borders Iran. In total five people were killed.

The second avalanche hit at around noon on Wednesday in which 23 bodies had been recovered so far. Of those; 8 were military officers, 3 were government-paid village guards, 3 were firefighters and 9 were volunteers.

Around 30 rescue workers were rescued and are now in the care of the hospitals. We do not yet have any more information about their current condition.

If you look at the image above you can see three overturned vehicles at the bottom of the hill. Rescuers can be seen digging frantically into the snow with shovels and pick-axes.

BBC News

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