Awesome Places to Hide the Spare House Key

 Awesome Places to Hide the Spare House Key

Many people choose to hide a spare key to their house in case they get locked out but it needs to be thought through carefully.

For obvious reasons, you don’t want others finding the key so it should never be hidden under the welcome mat or under a fake rock as these will be the first places to get checked.

You need to be a little more creative and hide the key somewhere that’s easy for you to quickly and easily access, but somwhere that a burglar would never look.

The list below has a mixture of things you can do yourself and products that you can buy. If you purchase from any of the links below, we earn a small commission without you paying a penny extra. 

1. DIY Hornets Nest

I love this idea and it is super easy to make yourself.

I don’t know anybody that would want to be messing around with a hornet’s nest which is what makes this DIY project so great. All you need is to grab some insulating foam and then head over to Instructables to follow along.

2. Stalwart Thermometer Hide-a-Key

The Stalwart Thermometer Hide-a-Key actually hide two keys but the best thing about it is that it is actually fully functioning.

3. The Problem Solvers Birdhouse

This bird house is a sneaky idea but an awesome one for hiding the spare keys. Your key needs to be somewhere safe and most importantly – unsuspecting. This bird house is that place!

4. DIY Pinecone Hide-a-Key

Another simple but effective DIY project that you can create at home with easily sourced materials is the DIY Pinecone Hide-a-Key. All you need as an empty pill bottle and a pinecone. Place your key inside the container, then dig a little hole to make it blend in perfectly with its surroundings. Check here for the tutorial.

5. 10 Ways to Hide a Key Video

The following video by Specific Love Creations will show you 10 ways to hide a spare key which includes:

  1. In your Vinyl Siding
  2. Under the Dog house
  3. On your Car
  4. Under the Deck
  5. On a Tree
  6. In a Dryer Vent
  7. Behind a Thermometer
  8. In a Birdhouse
  9. In the Power Meter Box
  10. With a Neighbor

Ou can also check out their Instructable here.

6. Hide-a-Key Sprinkler Head

These sprinkler heads look just like the real thing but you should only consider this if your property does actually use sprinklers or it will look out of place and draw attention which is definitely not what you need.

7. DIY Hidden Key in House Numbers

This Instructable will show you how you can easily hide a key behind sliding house numbers.

If you wanted, you could look into purchasing a little wall mounted key safe but we found the combination pretty easy to bypass on the models that we looked at. That being said, burglars probably wouldn’t think twice if they saw a key safe, it would be too much hassle for them as they want an easy target so it is up to you.

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