Bear Grylls to Host World’s Toughest Race

 Bear Grylls to Host World’s Toughest Race

You will either love bear Grylls or you won’t but one thing for sure is that this man does not stop.

The latest for Bear Grylls is that he is set to host probably THE most insane reality show that has ever been made.

Grylls is currently working on World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji for Amazon Prime which will show 60 different teams of four from around the world race through Fiji (417 miles) in a 10-part series. This is not easy terrain for anybody, in fact it is 417 miles of rugged backcountry.

The teams will be using various techniques to get around such as canyoneering, mountain biking and rappelling as they try to cross jungles, mountains, and even oceans in a bid to get to the finish line.

You may be thinking, “Well that’s fine, if a team mate quits, I won’t stop”, however, the whole team will be disqualified if even one member of the team quits or is unable to finish the race.

Amongst the teams taking part are a team of sisters from India who are racing for gender equality, a team of scouts from Australia, and a team of Wounded Warriors who served in the US armed forces.

Bear has said:

The Fiji course is truly epic. It’s incredibly demanding and will force our competitors far out of their comfort zone as they race against themselves, their competitors and the fiercest elements of Mother Nature.

The series is set to launch on Amazon Prime video in 2020.

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