Become a Real Life James Bond

 Become a Real Life James Bond

Hi guys, today I bring to you an awesome little training course designed and put together by former CIA officer Jason Hanson.

Here is just a small number of the tricks you will learn that will turn you into a real life James Bond:

  • How to disable any attacker with a “special” ink pen
  • How to hide anything, even a gun, in plain daylight
  • How to gather “DIRT” on anybody
  • How to access the CIA black market for gear
  • What to do if you’re kidnapped
  • How to escape handcuffs
  • How to disappear in a crowd in seconds
  • What you need to know about fake IDs
  • CIA social engineering secrets
  • How to become a human lie detector
  • How to hot-wire a car
  • And MUCH more…

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Some of you may know Jason from his time on the TV show “Shark Tank” and you will know that he had a very limited amount of time in front of the panel so there was a lot of valuable information that he wasn’t able to share. This is the information that he is releasing to us.

  1. What if you too found yourself being hunted by someone and you needed to avoid them at all costs?
  2. Would you know how to evade them?
  3. How to use counter surveillance measures?
  4. Do you know what gear you should carry with you that could save your life?

You might not think it can happen to you…

But perfectly innocent people across the country find themselves in dangerous situations every single day. Don’t let yourself become the next victim.

There has never been a more valuable training course to get you thinking about your safety and security.

Check the course out at the link below.

Spy Training with Jason Hanson

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