Best Pressure Points for Fighting

 Best Pressure Points for Fighting

I am sure that you have heard stories of ancient kung fu masters who can knockout a larger and stronger opponent with a simple touch of their hand. Or maybe even stories about the Zen master who can kill with just the slightest touch of his index finger (death touch).

Sadly those stories are nothing but fairy tales but don’t get me wrong. It is possible to kill somebody with a single strategically placed blow, but it has absolutely nothing to do with mysterious martial arts pressure points, ancient masters or esoteric teachings.

So what is pressure point fighting? In as easy to understand way, a pressure point is an area on the body where a nerve lies close to the surface and is supported by bone or a muscle mass. You apply direct pressure to this area by striking it with a natural body weapon. Some effective pressure points include the common peroneal nerve, femoral nerve and the infra orbital.

When this area is struck with a powerful and deliberate strike, it can cause some of the following responses to occur:

  • Extreme pain
  • Stunning effect or sensation
  • Motor dysfunction
  • Balance disruption
  • Reflex response

The pressure points however, are not just vulnerable to strikes but they can also be compressed such as a rear naked choke technique. A prolonged compression may cause some of the following responses to occur:

  • Motor dysfunction
  • Balance disruption
  • Involuntary muscular spasms
  • Disorientation
  • Loss of consciousness

The temples and the area right below the Adam’s apple are just two examples of sensitive areas that may cause incredible pain if they are struck. We are not looking at pressure points that are could flat out kill somebody here, we are looking at those that when struck, will impair an opponent. As an example, knocking someone in the knee joint can cause their legs to crumple, or hitting the wrist at the right angle can force their hand muscles to drop their weapon.

The following video will show you the 3 best pressure points for fighting that actually work:

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