Best Survival Guides for 2020

 Best Survival Guides for 2020

I wouldn’t like to even try and put a number on the amount of books that I have but during this guide I am going to whittle it down to just five survival guides for 2020.

The following are in no way ranked as they are all great books to add to your library. Of course, there are also Kindle eBooks available so you don’t need to get a sore back carrying your library of books everywhere.

The Survival Handbook by Colin Towell

If you are new to the scene of survival then this book is a must-have. We all have to start somewhere and this book is packed with plenty of useful illustrations to help you along. I wouldn’t say that this is a book that would offer anything to the more seasoned survivalist but it certainly makes for an excellent read or if you want a quick refresher.

The Survival Handbook by Colin Towell is packed with vital knowledge on everything from how to build a shelter to how to survive in a wide variety of harsh environments. If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, Towell will teach you how to scavenge and prepare food. If you’re a fan (I’m not) you will also find tips on how to organize expeditions to all edges and curves of the earth.

SAS Survival Handbook

SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere

The SAS Survival Handbook has made many appearances on my list, I personally love it!

It is over 650 pages of nothing but full-on information page after page that can help you out of just about any tricky situation.

This is the third edition, and the best in my opinion. There is no wonder that many consider this to be a true classic of the survival manual genre.

It helps that the author ‘John Lofty Wiseman’ is a former member of the British Special Air Service and is well specialized in survival training.

Throughout this book you will be trained in surviving everything from the jungles, the hot deserts and even the oceans. You will also learn basic combat techniques that you may need to defend yourself following a disaster.

The U.S. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook

OK, well the title says it all really. This book was put together by highly decorated former SEAL Don Mann.

What you are learning throughout this book are the exact same techniques that were used by Don to get out of some tricky situations around the world.

You will learn a whole range of things in the Navy SEAL Survival Handbook, it truly is a goldmine of information.

Preppers Long Term Survival Guide

The Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide has hit my top lists many times and is a great addition for any survival library.

This book is focused more on the emergency preparedness side of things than anything else which is why most of you are here, right? If you need to learn how to go for long periods without running water or electricity, this is the book for you.

Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag

If you have looked at any of the books above then you will soon see that this book takes a completely different approach. This one doesn’t necessarily teach you the skills that other survival books do, this one focuses on the gear that you need.

We all know that getting our bug out bag in order is a top priority and making sure that it’s updated regularly is a must. It doesn’t matter what you’re preparing for, you need a bug out bag that contains everything you need to help you survive 72 hours on your own. This book will tell you exactly what your bug out bag should contain.

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