Introducing the BioLite SolarHome 620

biolite solarhome 620

BioLite have been at it again in there mission to bring energy everywhere with revolutionary products that transform the way we cook, charge and light our lives off the grid. This time it is with the BioLite SolarHome 620.

The BioLite SolarHome 620 provides enough power for lights, charging of your devices, radio and music by harnessing the sun’s rays. For some regions, this may be a game changer, but it’s not without its uses in developed areas, either as an energy-saving alternative or a backup plan in case of power failures.

The SolarHome 620 is meant to be an affordable, utilitarian product for people in all walks of life. The SolarHome kit includes a 6W solar panel, a central control box and three hangable LED lights, each with an on/off switch — and one of them includes motion sensing.

The control box has a 6V, 3,300mAh battery that’s powered by the solar panel. There’s also an onboard light (making four total), an FM radio, a microSD slot to allow you to play your own tunes and a decently loud but otherwise unnoteworthy speaker. The small LCD display provides you with time, date, battery status, current sun-strength, search/pause/play and volume buttons.

While making use of the USB ports to charge your devices, they can be placed on the little shelf. A third DIN port lets you boost your overall energy reserves with a compatible battery.

The SolarHome 620 will give you enough light whether you’re using this in a van, at a campsite, on a back porch or to light a small multi-room home. Each of the three overhead lights have an approximately 20-foot-long wire with daisy-chain connections and a five-foot-long on/off switch offshoot about midway through that length. Since the control box only has two light outputs, you’ll definitely need to link one of them if you want to have all three overhead lights active.

Since it’s not chargeable by any means beyond the solar panel or the DIN-based battery extension, the SolarHome 620 seems more applicable to long-term installation where you either get loads of sun, or use the lights and battery sparingly. The solar panel is weather proof so it’s made to sit on a roof out in the elements. The lights themselves are splash proof and may survive in the rain, but they’re not built for dunking. The control box is an indoor module, so you’d want to keep this dry at all times.

What you receive:

  • Solar Panel – 6 watt panel provides power to your system
  • Wall Mounted Control Box – Monitor your power, charge devices and play music
  • Hanging Light x2 – Use wall mounted switch to adjust to 3 levels of brightness
  • Motion Sensor Light – Security mode saves power and can alert you of passersby

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