Body Language of a Dangerous Person

 Body Language of a Dangerous Person

We have had a look before into something called situational awareness. By learning this skill, we are able to see if something appears out of the ordinary or dangerous and it will give us time to react.

You have to be very observant. Not just with your eyes, but using all of your senses. Look at situations as a whole and then analyze them along with the people and things involved in those situations.

When it comes to the people involved, we are referring to their body language and that is what we’ll be taking a look at here today.

You will learn how someone’s body language could give you cues about what kinds of dangers lie ahead of you due to individuals harbouring dangerous motives.

What is Body Language?

Body language is the way we behave, without ourselves realizing it. It is the act of our subconscious mind playing in the way of our movements and reactions.

It is the way we speak, the way we place our hands and legs, the way our face reacts to things and the way we stand or sit.

This behaviour can tell you a lot about somebody’s character and thoughts. Many people will look for different facial reactions but there is so much more to it than that.

When people are angry, they lose their ability to handle things in a peaceful way and sometimes can become dangerous. Sometimes the rage is so much that they don’t even know what they are doing. Because of this, we believe that everybody should take the time to learn the varied signs which reflect the people who can be harmful to others.

By looking and analyzing someone’s body language we can become more aware about what kinds of actions people are going to take towards us. It also allows us to look into someone’s mind to tell us about what their present thinking is.

Read on to find out what clues would help us to read body language easily.

Body Language of a Dangerous Person

Our faces make it incredibly hard to hide our thoughts and emotions. People who don’t want to be read would keep a masked face which is just emotionless whereas people who have no idea about their body language being read will give it away easily by giving you nervous laughs and facial twitches.

A person’s pupils naturally dilate when they are about to do something intense which can make it a dead giveaway.  Their heart rate also increases with similar emotions and an increased pulse becomes visible in the neck and temple area. Breaking into a sweat can also come along with these and someone keeping their mouth open to breathe in is also a sign of tension.

If we take our attention now away from the face and look at the upper body, there are two parts which are of significance: the shoulders and the upper chest area. Someone keeping their shoulders relaxed and dropped is obviously calmer than someone keeping them propped up and tight.

For the upper chest area, bear in mind that women naturally tend to breathe with in and out movements on their chest and men do that with movements with their stomach. But for both genders, being tense will let them have rapid and shallow breathing which would be obvious from their chest movements.

The hands are an area we need to keep a close watch on. Due mainly to the location being near the waist and the fact that they can easily be used to pull a weapon on you at a moments notice.

Look for signs such as the hands being in constant fists as this is a common sign of tension and anger. Don’t jump to conclusions here as many attacks begin with hands resting in a crossed arms position or from being in the pockets.

Finally, as we move down the body we can look for signs shown by the feet and legs. Usually what happens subconsciously when someone is preparing for an attack is that they tend to move and rest in a style called blading (feet placed one behind the other, shoulder width apart). This might mean that the person is moving back and forth to prepare for an attack or that they are possibly preparing to take a weapon out on you.

You cannot control the feelings of other people but you can control your actions. If someone is angry and dangerous, you cannot control their thoughts and calm them down. All you can do is be safe and protective.

It is always helpful if you can keep the above points in mind while you see any person exercising them. If so, then move out of that area and try to stay away from those people.

Reading the body language signs can express a lot about any person. When anyone is in rage, the signs are widely visible.

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