Christmas Gift Ideas for Preppers and Survivalists

 Christmas Gift Ideas for Preppers and Survivalists

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It is getting to that time of the year when you need to start thinking about buying gifts for your friends and family members. During this guide we are going to be looking at some ideas as to what you can get those special people in your life. Anything that can be used during a crisis is great but there are literally thousands of products out there to choose from so hopefully, with the help of this list, you can get off to a good start.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

If you have spent any time reading through our guides here, you will understand how important it is to have clean, safe water to drink. With the Sawyer Mini Water Filter you will never need to worry about them drinking bad water again. The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is rated up to 100,000 gallons. It comes with 16-ounce reusable squeeze pouch, 7-inch drinking straw, and cleaning plunger.

BioLite CampStove 2

The BioLite CampStove 2 is not just any camping stove, but it generates electricity too. It’s portable, cooks meals and boils water in minutes, all while charging your USB devices. Another great thing about the CampStove 2 is that no extra fuel is needed to be carried about as it runs on sticks and twigs that can easily be found anywhere.

Gerber Fire Starter

The ability to start a fire for warmth and cooking is also a valuable skill and these small and compact fire starters from Gerber and Bear Grylls offer years of use. When the metal striker is struck against the ferrocerium rod, it creates sparks. This one is actually a very handy set that comes complete with an emergency whistle, waterproof storage compartment for tinder, land to air rescue instructions and SOS, and a pocket guide containing Bear’s survival essentials.

Solar Hand Crank Radio

As preppers, we prefer the hand crank radio options as even during a blackout, we can still get important updates about the current situation. The Esky is small and portable but is incredibly useful. It can be used in emergency and survival situations to light up dark spaces and areas, charge USB port devices to keep you connected and powered, provide up to date weather information to ensure safety and preparedness and AM/ FM radio access for music, news and more. Besides, it gives time display on LCD screen. Not only is the Esky hand crank, but it’s solar too.

5 in 1 Paracord Bracelet

No prepper and survivalist is a true one unless they have a paracord bracelet. They are inexpensive but practically a whole survival kit on your wrist. The paracord itself has many uses but these also come with a fire starter, compass and emergency whistle.

Military Folding Shovel

This is yet another great multi-functional piece of equipment that can do it all when you find yourself out in the wilderness. Not only that but they come in a nice little carry case too for easy transportation.

First Aid Kit

For anybody that takes preparedness seriously, or for those that want to take the responsibility of being in charge of the medical assistance of any family member, should the need arise, a first aid kit is a must have item. There are many to choose from on the market to suit all budgets.

Survival Books

You could have all the equipment in the world but nothing beats having the knowledge needed to survive so why not consider expanding their survival library with some new books to get their head into.

GoSun Sport Solar Oven

The GoSun Sport might not be cheap but they are guaranteed to love receiving this as a gift. These utilize every little bit of sunshine to ensure fast cooking for which you can bake, boil and fry. You will receive a durable Borosilicate Evacuated Glass Tube cooking chamber, two foldable Parabolic Reflectors made of industry grade anodized aluminum (+95% reflectivity), a Cooking Tray made of 304 Culinary Grade stainless steel, User’s Manual, Cook Booklet, rugged Scrubby Cleaning Tool that attaches onto the tray’s end and a Two Year No-Questions-Asked Warranty.

BaoFeng Two-Way Radio (6 Pack)

Communications are essential following a crisis, so make sure you and your group are always connected. This two-way radio pack will provide high-quality communication and great range and power as well as intelligent charging. These also come with a built in flashlight.

Survival Tips Playing Cards

With the survival tips playing cards you can learn survival while playing your favorite card games. Comes in a convenient plastic case that keeps the cards dry in wet conditions. Water resistant and able to withstand wear-and-tear for long-term use. Includes tips on navigation, fire starting, shelter building, how to create different knots, and much more.

Well, that’s it for now so I hope this list has given you some thought as to what to get your loved ones this Christmas. Feel free to drop your own ideas in the comments below.

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