Coming Soon : The UK Survival Guides Academy

 Coming Soon : The UK Survival Guides Academy

Our goal at the UK Survival Guides Academy is to turn you into a prepping and survival warrior!

We want to turn your fear into power!

As a student of the UK Survival Guides Academy you will receive life saving content that can help you through all areas of your life.

You will get your questions answered and get help along the way from your assigned mentor.

We have a wide choice of courses at the UK Survival Guides Academy taking you from the beginning steps of prepping and survival right through to the more advanced topics. Each course is built around in-depth and thorough articles, videos, webinars, recordings, printables and more.

You will receive assignments along the way and as a course is completed, your assigned mentor will send you a final test to ensure that the knowledge from the course has been thoroughly understood and extra help will be given when needed.

You will learn everything from handling your finances, to self defense, to stockpiling, to wilderness survival, to urban survival and everything in between.

Students of the UK Survival Guides Academy will receive discounts on selected products as well as having the chance to enter giveaways for free gear for members only.

We will be opening the doors for our online academy as soon as possible so be sure to keep up to date by either signing up to our newsletter or following us on Twitter.

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