Common Excuses for Not Prepping

 Common Excuses for Not Prepping

I believe that I have heard just about every possible excuse for people choosing not to prepare. While you may not be planning on recruiting other preppers, it is important that you understand how to explain it to your friends and family.

Two of the biggest excuses that I hear are that they can’t be bothered, or it costs too much to be ready. The first is laziness and the second is a lie. Excuses are not going to help feed your loved ones following a disaster.

1. It Costs too Much to Be Prepared

One of the biggest myths all comes down to the money that it would take to be prepared. They forget that prepping is actually a very smart financial move. You are not buying anything that you wouldn’t usually buy, you are just buying an extra one where possible, especially when the item is on sale.

You could even look into other ways of cutting your outgoings through methods such as couponing, using sales and cashback sites, and bartering.

2. You Must be Crazy to Prep

If you are crazy for wanting your family to have the highest possible chance of survival following a crisis then I am the craziest of all.

Popular TV programs have made preppers look like a bunch of crazy whack-jobs but it just isn’t the case. They will do anything for viewer figures to rise.

It is crazy to NOT want to survive. You don’t need an underground bunker or to completely disconnect yourself from the world to be a prepper. It is an insurance policy for when the bad does happen.

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3. I Trust the Government to Save Us

We only have to look throughout history to see why this is a bad idea. Yes, the government has plans in place for dealing with emergencies but this doesn’t mean that getting you to safety is a top priority. Even if they can get to you, how will you survive until help arrives?

You should be prepared to survive without power and running water for a minimum of 72 hours.

4. We Don’t Have the Space

You don’t need a lot of space to prepare for a disaster, you just need to be creative with the space that you have. Your survival kits should be small and portable as you will more than likely be traveling on foot.

5. I Don’t Want to Scare My Children

We seem to be living in a world where we are almost scared of doing anything around our children. We forget that they will think about what will happen to them during a disaster, especially with certain programs on the TV. They catch things being shown on the news, they read, hear other people talking, they have imaginations.

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