CPR Guardian 2 Dementia Watch for Seniors Review

 CPR Guardian 2 Dementia Watch for Seniors Review

Ever had a bout of panic when you can’t reach your loved ones on the phone?

Well worry no more with the help of the Guardian 2 watch that has been designed for dementia sufferers but can be used by anyone.

I think it is fair to say that we all have a relative or a close friend that we may worry about when we’re not together but you don’t want to completely cut off their independence. We want them to know that we care about them and that they can easily contact us if needed.

I can show my grandad how to do something on his phone knowing full well that I will be showing him the same thing in an hour.

Why the Guardian 2?

The Guardian 2 has been designed specifically for dementia sufferers and vulnerable adults to help keep them safe when they are out unsupervised.

This watch is yet another big step forward in combining emergencies and the latest technology. It comes complete with built-in GPS, SOS emergency assist, heart rate monitor, phone capabilities, super responsive touch screen and comfortable soft hypoallergenic watch strap.

The Guardian 2 has an IP rating of IP67 which means that you could drop the watch into water that is up to a meter deep for half an hour and it will still function correctly.

What is IP67?

When it comes to buying new technology you will usually see an IP rating which in the case of this watch, it would be a rating of IP67 but what does that even mean? Does it even matter?

Waterproof is NOT water-resistant, there is a difference:

  • Waterproof – water won’t damage it no matter how long it is under
  • Water-Resistant – won’t stop water from entering completely

The IP rating is made up of two parts that show us how resistant the device is to fresh water and common raw materials like dirt and dust. The first digit is the rating assigned for its resistance to solids. In this case, it’s six. The second digit is the water resistance rating.

In terms of IP ratings, there are generally two that we will come across; IP67 and IP68. The former means that the device can be submerged in up to one meter of fresh water for half an hour, and the latter up to 1.5 meters for half an hour.

How Does the Guardian 2 Work?

The main carer for the vulnerable individual will need to download the app to their phone which can then be paired with the watch. All of the features that can be found on the Guardian 2 watch can be found on the phone, the most important being the location so that you can see where they are at all times.

Guardian 2 Watch Features

  • SOS and voice communication – the wearer of the watch can quickly and easily contact the carer in an emergency. It also enables the wearer to make and receive phone calls and voice messages. The wearer can alert the carer by holding the red SOS button for three seconds.
  • Location tracking – In the case of an emergency use the CPR Guardian 2 app to track the wearer’s outdoor location with GPS technology or indoor with WiFi access point tracking.
  • Heart rate monitor – this will track the heart rate of the wearer every 10 minutes and will send the information back to the carer. A warning message will be sent if a rate of below 30 beats per minute is identified Guardian II will send a warning notification message to the app.
  • Step counter – if the wearer is someone that likes walking or exercising then the Guardian 2 can also act as a pedometer that counts every step taken.
  • Geo-zones – a geo-zone is basically a virtual radius around a set location. If you decide that you wanted this to be a certain area around you home then you will be alerted every time that the wearer enters or leaves the geo-zone.
  • USB charging – the Guardian 2 watch does claim to have a long battery life but we found that it needed charging nightly which can be somewhat concerning as you need to know that they remember to keep charging and putting it back on in the morning. Charging is done via a USB lead. It also features a high-quality magnetic charging cable and quick charging time of 1.4 hours.
  • Route playback – the carer can view the route history of the wearer for the previous two days.
  • Phone contacts – you can store up to 30 contacts numbers on the watch via the app. You can also choose who the SOS button works for.

Final Thoughts of the Guardian 2 Watch

The CPR Guardian 2 is actually quite nice. It’s easy to use which is always needed, especially in an emergency. Do I think it is really worth the price tag? Yes and no. I think that anything that can keep our loved ones safe is always worth it but I do think there are cheaper alternatives that work just as well for less.

The screen is a good size and the wearer should have no problems using the swipe function or seeing the screen. I really like how discreet this is and nobody that saw it would know it was a medical device.

These are priced at £199.99 at the time of writing this article and you can take out an additional one year accidental damage coverage which would increase the price to as much as £239.98.

While you could just pay out and get them a smartphone, they don’t come pre-installed with the features of the Guardian 2 and it certainly won’t be as easy to use.

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