Creek Stewarts Survival Hacks Book Review

 Creek Stewarts Survival Hacks Book Review

Title: Survival Hacks: Over 200 Ways to Use Everyday Items for Wilderness Survival

Author: Creek Stewart

While most preppers and those that enjoy spending time in the wilderness like to have the latest in survival gear, it becomes easy to forget that part of the fun is in figuring out how to adapt ordinary items for use during extreme circumstances.

No method of learning takes the place of hands-on, personal experience. Your options in a survival scenario will ultimately depend on your understanding of basic survival principles that surround shelter, water, fire, and food.

Creek Stewarts book covering over 200 survival hacks is a fun read, but is it really worth it?

Most of the hacks from the book, if not all, can be found online already, Creek has just put them into a book and put his name to it. This isn’t too much of a problem as it saves countless hours of searching for what you need.

Sure, sites like Outdoor Life and Art of Manliness highly rate this book but that is more to do with the fact that Creek has written for them so it is bias, here, not so much as I want to be honest with our readers.

One such pointless hack from the book is the Ramen noodles stove.

Creek shows how you can soak a dry brick of ramen noodles in denatured alcohol, then light it and you will have heat for up to 20 minutes, giving you time to cook.

Sounds cool, right? But if you have alcohol, Ramen noodles, and some means of lighting a fire, you could just make a fire to cook your ramen on, then eat that, right?

Even worse, is that the “hacks” are not even exactly explained too well which was not to be expected from somebody like Creek Stewart.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good points in this book but like I already mentioned, you can already find every single hack online.

A lot of the hacks are not life saving survival skills, such as making a chair out of paracord and branches. I would much rather use those items for something that may actually save my life.

If you have children, they will find this book to be good fun and will give them something to occupy their minds while learning to be resourceful at the same time during camping trips, but for adults, I would look into actual survival books.

I have always been a fan of Creek Stewart but this time, I felt a little let down, OK, very let down but at least in a survival situation I can throw it on the fire to keep warm.

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