Cutting Rope With a Rope

 Cutting Rope With a Rope

Rope is not something that breaks easy. You need a fairly good knife or scissors to get through it but here’s a little trick you can teach your kids for any time they are caught without either.

That’s right, no knife, no scissors, no problem! How? Use the rope itself.

This method relies on a combination of things to work, friction and the sawing motion. Check out how to do this in the following video or scroll down for the text version.

Cutting Rope With a Rope

  • Mark the rope at the location that you want the cut to be
  • Lay the rope on the ground so it can be held in place with your feet
  • Keeping the mark in the middle, grab whatever slack you have, string it under the mark, and pull until it’s taut
  • Now saw away.

If you are ever held in zip tie restraints from the front, this could work with that though it would take a lot of work.

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