Dirty Fighting Techniques to Win the Fight

 Dirty Fighting Techniques to Win the Fight

When it comes to self-defense, and you’re protecting your life or that of a loved one, then there are no rules. You do whatever it takes to keep the good guy alive and take down the bad guy. In a street fight there are no rules like you would have in MMA or boxing and there are no weight classes. If the smaller of the two guys doesn’t pull out some dirty fighting techniques then he won’t stand much of a chance against a much larger person.

Self-defense is not a sport. It’s a war. A war between the good guys and the bad guys.

Remember, you can’t just use a dirty fighting technique and expect the fight to be over. A gouge to the eyes may take the guy back a bit but he will still be there. Hit and hit again until you are able to escape. Keep fighting until you’re safe.

Eye Gouge

The eye gouge can be performed with either the fingers or both thumbs. If using fingers, aim to slide in under the eyeballs while thumbs should be aimed for the inner corners of the eye, near the nose.

Up Knee

Us army up knee

If the opponent tries to move away from you, pull down hard on the head and strike the face with the up knee.

Throat Punch

The throat is a good target for a variety of punches and uppercuts. Performed correctly and with power could lead to the windpipe being crushed. A modest hit is going to hurt and knock your opponent off-balance. Go for the Adam’s apple and follow through.

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Stomp to the Knee or Groin

If your opponent ends up on the floor, this can make sure he stays there. A stomp down in to the groin is going to cause excruciating pain. A well timed stomp to the knee is going to make it impossible for your opponent to stand.

Fish Hook

Whilst your opponent is facing away from you, reach around his head and slip your fingers into the cheeks and pull hard. This is a simple way that can allow you to control the opponents head whilst also hurting like hell.

Hair or Ear Pull

Control the head and you control the rest of the body which makes this technique so effective. Move in close and clinch up with your opponent.  If you’re fighting someone with short hair, grab their ears and start headbutting! It doesn’t take much force to pull an ear right off.


You have to be careful with this one as get it wrong and you will cause yourself just as much, if not more pain than you cause the opponent.

  1. Keep your chin tucked in
  2. Shoot in directly; DO NOT rock your head back first
  3. Hit with the top corner of your head
  4. Aim for the soft spots on your opponents face (nose or eyes area)
  5. Follow up with more headbutts or hammer fists, or claw.

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Ear Smack

Cup your hands, keeping the thumb and fingers bent, and close together. Strike your opponent simultaneously over both ears with force. This will probably burst one of both ear-drums and at least give him a mild form of concussion.

Finger Manipulation

If someone is trying to choke you, feel free to bend the heck out of their fingers, and escape. If you break their fingers, they will be unable to use them for the remainder of the fight.

Below you will find some great videos that will show you how you can fight dirty to win any fight.

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