DIY Paracord Donut for Quick Deploy Cordage

 DIY Paracord Donut for Quick Deploy Cordage

In the video that we are sharing today, you will learn how to make a paracord donut for quick deploy cordage. There are no knots involved which allows you to undo the paracord donut in seconds.

Paracord has so many great uses that you are only really limited to your own imagination. Because it is so popular amongst preppers and survivalists, we are always looking out for new ways to store it in which it can easily be used.

The paracord donut makes for an incredibly easy way to store your 550 paracord in your survival kit or bug out bag and it will always be ready for quick and easy use in any survival situation.

This may look a little complicated to make, but believe me, it’s surprisingly simple. Just wrap the end of a strand of paracord around your hand a few times, and begin pulling the long end through loops in an up-down-up-down pattern.

If you prefer to work from images rather than video, check out the infographic below or continue down for the video.


And here is the video for making your very own paracord donut from Paracord Guild.

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