Don’t Forget the Pencil Sharpener in Your BOB

 Don’t Forget the Pencil Sharpener in Your BOB

It’s small, cheap, lightweight and it might just help to save your life one day!

When we think about useful items to put into a survival kit we often look to the ‘big’ things. The ‘obvious’ things. In doing so, we neglect to look at the smaller, yet multi-functioning pieces of equipment. And one of those often overlooked pieces is the simple pencil sharpener.

If you are in need of tinder for a fire then a pencil sharpener is perfect for creating tinder shavings. These shavings catch fire easily too which is always a bonus.

The following video is by SensiblePrepper and he will show you just why the simple pencil sharpener should be added to your survival kit.

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