Emergency Tuna Can Oil Lamp

 Emergency Tuna Can Oil Lamp

If you are ever caught in a blackout and in need of some light, with just a can of tuna in oil and a piece of string, you can create an oil lamp that will last 2-3 hours. And if you get hungry after, you can still go ahead and eat the tuna.

This is an easy way of giving yourself some extra light when needed and there are only three easy steps.

1. Put a Hole in the Top of the Can

Find yourself a hammer and a sharp and pointed object such as a nail. Make a hole in the centre of the top of the tuna can.

2. Create and Add Your Wick

If you have a thick enough piece of string you can just go ahead and insert that. If not, roll some tissue paper tightly to create a wick. The length of the tissue roll will depend on the size of the tuna can you have with you. Make sure that when inserting the wick in to the hole, it reaches the bottom of the Can. This way, no oil will be wasted.

3. Let There be Light

Now all that is left is to light the wick and enjoy your new oil lamp.

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