Fabric Storm Panels for Hurricane Preparedness

Metal hurricane shutters are just too expensive for most people and so they turn to more DIY alternatives to save money while still getting protection. Plywood is often the first thing that comes to mind but have you ever considered fabric?

These types of storm barriers are usually made of mesh sheets or reinforced polyvinyl carbonate (PVC) which can be attached with grommets, straps, and buckles. Because they are so lightweight, they are also easily installed, even by a single person.

The problem with using plywood to protect your home is the time that it takes to install. And when a hurricane is headed your way, you don’t want to be hanging around. This is where fabric storm panels come in.

Fabric storm panels, also known as wind abatement screens, consist of a strong, lightweight layer of woven fabric that is coated with a geo-synthetic PVC material. They can be used to protect your windows and doors from any flying debris during high winds.

  • They are lightweight and easier to handle than plywood or metal shutters
  • They can be put up and taken down quickly
  • They fold away for easy storage

The fabric storm panels with grommets are the easiest to install for the average homeowner although you could opt for a rolling screen which is permanently attached above your windows or doors and can be lowered when needed which saves valuable time.

Have you ever had to use fabric storm panels? If so, please share your experiences with us in the comments below.


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