Finding Natural Shelter for Survival

 Finding Natural Shelter for Survival

During a survival situation, choosing to bug out should only be done with little other choice. It is often a much safer option to stay put but if we have no other choice then being prepared is essential. Below, we will look at some natural shelters to look out for when heading off into the wilderness.


Caves are practically a ready-made home away from home. All it doesn’t have is a door. You will be protected from the elements as well as having a nice little hiding spot. If any attackers want to head your way, you will see them coming before they see you. Be careful of wild animals and thoroughly check the Cave out when first entering.

Rock Formations

It is easy to spot rock formations but it will take a little more time to find one that will be suitable to use as a shelter.

Undercut Banks

Undercut banks make building a shelter easy work as one side has already been done for you. I wouldn’t suggest heading to an undercut bank during rain as before you know it, you could be flooded out.


Fallen trees are in just about every piece of woodland and the exposed roots make for a great strong wall. If the trunk is raised off the ground, throw a tarp over the trunk for a quick and easy shelter.

Large Trees

Large trees can actually be quite effective at keeping you dry and in a pinch they can be used as a shelter. Search for a tree that is dense with branches and leaves, and preferably one which has branches close to the ground.

Pine trees have branches that extend out to the ground or close to it, and many are dense with branches and needles which make it perfect for quick shelter.

Sometimes while scouting you may also come across a nice sized hollow tree that can be used as a shelter or a partial shelter. Again, if you have a tarp with you, finishing out the shelter should be quick work.

Abandoned Structures

You will usually stumble across abandoned structures when you least expect it and can be a huge find when it comes to survival. Even an old stone wall or fence can make constructing a shelter much easier.

Natural shelters can be lifesaving. When trying to find a suitable shelter don’t think about comfort as these should just be used until you can build a more permanent one. Many ancient inhabitants used caves, rock overhangs, and outcroppings as permanent homes.

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