Good Reasons and Firearms

 Good Reasons and Firearms

Here in the UK before you will be issued with a firearms licence you will need to provide a good enough reason for owning the firearm but this has always been a dark area with no one really sure what a good enough reason even is.

Try using protection or self defence as an answer and you will probably never see a licence.

After a little bit of searching today I have managed to find the pdf copy of guidelines for officers as to what can be classed as a good enough reason. Scroll down to the end to download or read on for a little more about the UK firearms licencing.

Both a shotgun and a firearms licence are valid for five years from the date of issue and can only be issued by your local police force.

Each licence can list multiple firearms and if one of those listed becomes a banned firearm, you don’t need to hand it over until the licence has expired.

Shotguns are defined as smoothbore firearms, barrels no shorter than 24in/61cm, bore diameter no bigger than 2in/5.1cm, no revolving cylinder, no magazine. Detachable magazines can hold no more than two cartridges.

A shotgun with a higher capacity would require a firearms licence. It is a lot easier to get your shotgun licence than your firearms licence. You can have as many shotguns as you can keep secure.

You will be automatically disqualified from owning a firearms licence if you have spent between three months and three years in jail. You will not be able to apply for five years upon your release.

If you have been sentenced to more than three years then you will be automatically disqualified from ever owning a firearms licence in the UK. You can try to get the decision reversed but the chances of success are incredibly slim.

You will also not be granted a licence if you have had any serious mental health issues.

You must understand that if you are granted a firearms licence then you must comply with very strict conditions. If you break even one of those then your licence can be revoked and the police can check at any point that these conditions are being met. You may also be jailed for up to six months depending on the offence.

The police are not stupid and they know that there are many people within the UK who illegally own firearms. If caught, you could face up to 14 years in jail along with an unlimited fine.

If you want to download the pdf file and have a read through it yourself, you can download a copy here.

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