Help Us Without Spending a Penny Extra

 Help Us Without Spending a Penny Extra

I know that a lot of our readers use Amazon when purchasing their supplies, after all, they do have some of the best deals around and in many cases, the price includes free shipping.

If you don’t already know, is an Amazon affiliate which means that we get paid a small commission every time that somebody buys an item from Amazon after following one of our links. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the item that we link to.

Although the commissions are small, they mount up over time which can help with the running costs of this website such as domain renewal and hosting costs. This money may also be used by us to purchase items that we feel can be used in giveaways here at the site.

If you use Amazon for your shopping or are planning on buying anything from them, we are asking if you could please help us out by doing so via one of the following links:

By using any of the links above, if you purchase an item, we will receive our commission without you paying a penny extra than you normally would.

We appreciate all of our readers, commentors, friends and followers and thank you all for sticking with us.

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