Home Security Tips for Renters

 Home Security Tips for Renters

The biggest concern when people get a new place to live is usually security. If you have bought your own house this is usually easier as you can just go ahead and have a security system installed. It is not so simple if you are renting. Your landlord has the final say but you do still have options.

Know the Area

It might be a little late if you’ve already moved into the house but taking the time to research the area can go a long way. Try to find out crime stats for the area, is the area clean and tidy?, is there a lot of graffiti around? Is there a neighborhood watch group?

Door Security

The front and back doors of a property are the two most common entry points by a criminal into a home. Because of this we need to focus our attention on getting the security of our doors completed first.

Make sure that you do the following:

  • Deadbolts – if not already installed, check if you are allowed to install a deadbolt. If you know your landlord well you could ask for the original deadbolt to be replaced as the original tenants could still have a key.
  • Hinges – there isn’t too much I don’t think that a landlord will allow you to do with the hinges of the door but you should consider changing the screws out for longer ones.
  • Strike Plates – the strike plate is the metal plate on the door frame. Usually in rented properties these are not very secure. Again, you should replace the screws for longer ones if you can’t replace the strike plate altogether.

Window Security

If you live on the first floor of a property then you are especially at risk. An obvious tip is to always keep your windows closed and locked but here’s a few more tips to improve window security…

  • Window Alarmsthese are cheap, effective and don’t require electricity so they are incredibly easy to install. If anyone messes with your windows they will sound an alarm.
  • Avoid Large Plants – the idea is to make your property as hard of a target as possible. If you have large bushes or plants outside of a window you give a burglar a place to hide.
  • Sliding Glass Doors – if you have sliding glass doors installed in the rental you can place a rod into the sliding mechanism to avoid the door being opened.

Wireless Alarm Systems

One of the biggest reasons for landlords to reject a request for you to have an alarm installed is because they require wiring. But you can avoid this by going the route of wireless.

Many of the reputable alarm installation companies out there now offer wireless options that are perfect for apartment renters.

You don’t even need to be in your home anymore to see what is going on thanks to the use of smart video devices which allow you to see through your phone what is going on in your home.

Get Insurance

You need to seriously consider getting renter’s insurance which will cover you for a whole range of things that can and do go wrong. This includes burglary, water damage, and fire.

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