How do I Communicate with Someone who Doesn’t Understand my Language?

 How do I Communicate with Someone who Doesn’t Understand my Language?

Communication is one of the main keys that keep this world going as it is. The biggest problem that can arise with communication today is language. In fact, there are 7,111 different languages that are in use as I sit and write this post now.

How would the world really function if we had absolutely no way of being able to properly express ourselves? Talking to someone that doesn’t speak the same language is certainly a challenge but hopefully we can help you a little with our tips below.

1. Make it Simple

When it comes to the English language, at the very least, basic terms are spoken all over the world. Keeping communication as simple as possible is usually the best way.

2. Slow it Down

If the other person is already having trouble understanding you then speaking quickly is not going to help them at all. Slow it down when you are trying to talk.

The thing is, when we start speaking to someone we generally start off pretty slowly but as we start getting more comfortable we speed up. That’s where the problems can occur. Don’t worry about sounding silly. There is nothing silly about trying to help someone.

3. Use Your Body Language

Body language, when used correctly, can usually be really helpful when you are struggling to communicate with somebody. Simple actions can go a long way such as pointing at something as you say it’s name.

4. Take to the Pen

Even when I can’t understand somebody due to accent or language, getting them to write it down is a huge help. If someone is struggling to understand you then just grab some paper and give it a try. It also helps if you are in a different country and you have one of those local dictionaries. You could get them to write the word down so you can look it up.

5. Be Patient

It is important that we show patience when trying to communicate with someone that speaks a different language no matter how frustrating it may get. If they didn’t understand the word you used then saying it over and over again is not going to help.

Do you find it easy to learn new languages? Any stories of failure you’re willing to share? Any other tips for speaking to people who don’t speak your language?

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  • Another thing you can do to make international words such as “television” and “internet” more understandable to people who don’t know English is to pronounce the letters of the English words with a more international sound, especially the vowels: A as is FATHER, E as in THEY or TEN, I as in MACHINE, O as in COLD, U as in RUDE.

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