How Do You Break a Fall?

 How Do You Break a Fall?

By the way, do not pay ANY attention to the featured image. These techniques certainly won’t work from a height like that.

Today, we want to take a look at how to break your fall and reduce the chance of injury. Falling injuries can not always be totally avoided, but they can be minimized once you know what you’re doing.

The basic idea is to put one arm forward and to use it to roll. So you’re sticking one arm in the air with it curving downward to create a circle over your head. You’d then spring off of your feet and forward and then use that arm to curl yourself into a ball, rolling over your shoulder.

I’m going to take a wild guess that either you or someone close to you has had a pretty nasty spill at some point. It’s not just the elderly either, we can all fall and end up on the floor before we know it.

Obviously the most important thing that you can do is to avoid falling altogether but it happens so we need to look at taking the fall so as to reduce any injury.

Keep Elbows and Knees Bent

When we panic it can be easy to want to tense up but that is where the injuries are likely to happen. As soon as you realize that you are falling, you need to keep your elbows and knees bent ready for the fall. If you were to fall rigid, you are more likely to experience a broken wrist or elbow.

It is human nature to try and lock our joints out when we fall but this is also the main reason for broken bones.

Protect Your Head

If you’re falling forward then turn your face to the side. If you’re falling backwards then tuck your chin to your chest so your head won’t hit the ground. Just the smallest of falls can have lethal consequences. If you’re falling sideways then, you can cushion your head with your arm by lifting it up underneath.

The Meaty Areas

If you’re going to fall, it doesn’t hurt as much if you try and land on the areas of the body that carry the most meat. This includes the muscles in your back, butt or thighs. Avoid landing on bone at all costs!

Don’t Stop Yourself

When we hit the ground we immediately want to jump up like nothing has happened but that’s not actually the safest thing to do. It is safer to actually allow your body to keep rolling. Try to spread the impact over a larger area of the body.

Grab Something

This is an obvious one but if possible, you should grab onto something to break the fall. This will either slow the fall down or stop it from happening completely. I have had it happen many times in icy conditions where the person I’m with has grabbed onto me so they don’t slip down.

If you want to break your fall properly, the aim is to absorb the impact of the fall by turning it into a roll.

Of course, it takes time and training to get good with this. You can’t expect to read this guide and then go away and safely land a fall from a moving vehicle. It doesn’t work like that. That kind of stunt would take years of practice to achieve.

Do you consider learning to break your fall as a valuable skill to learn? Do you train?

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