How Important is Planning for Survival?

 How Important is Planning for Survival?

Do you need a plan in order to survive?

In some situations that may be a big NO but if you want to be ready for any situation, planning is essential.

There are basically two essential ingredients to ensure survival:

  1. Planning – understanding that certain things can happen and what steps you will take to get yourself and/or your family out of the situation and to safety.
  2. Preparation – having everything ready and in place that will help you to get out of those situations within your plan. This is where research and gaining knowledge comes into play.

As an example, let’s say that you were going on an aircraft. Your plan would cover potential issues whereas your preparations would be to know the emergency procedures and where the emergency exits are located.

Once you have your plan and preparations in place, you can’t stop there. You must periodically review them and make sure that you know how to use everything in your kit. If it was raining, can you quickly and comfortably make a fire?

While this post is looking at survival, the same tactics can be used in everyday life. Anything that we do has risks so a plan and preparation should be in place.

Without prior planning and knowledge of various situations there is a very good chance that you and your family won’t make it out of a survival situation. It isn’t impossible but the chances are not in your favor. Many people with knowledge still didn’t make it and some without knowledge and skills, did. Those that had the knowledge, in my opinion, probably didn’t survive because they didn’t prepare properly or understand how to use their gear. You can’t just buy a ferro rod and just because you can make sparks, expect to make a fire, it isn’t that easy.

If you don’t plan, prepare and practise, you WILL get stressed when things go south and that immediately puts you at a huge disadvantage.

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