How to Apply Butterfly Stitches

Make your own butterfly bandage

During this guide we are going to look at how to apply butterfly stitches and how you can make your own. Butterfly stitches are narrow adhesive strips that are used to close a small wound to better help it heal.

You can use the strips if the wound is shallow, clean and uninfected, and you’re sure that nothing is embedded in it.

Make sure that the skin around the wound is also clean and dry. If needed, you can cut the strips to a more appropriate length. Leave about 3mm between each strip.

How to Apply

  1. Line up the edges of the wound
  2. Push the edges of the wound together and, starting from the middle of the wound, apply the strips to hold the edges together
  3. Place half of the strip on one side of the wound, gently bring the other side of the wound towards it, and then pass the strip over
  4. Place strips alternately above and below the first strip – this helps to match up the edges and keeps the skin tension equal
  5. To anchor the rows of strips in place, put two strips vertically across the rows – one on each side of the wound

How to Make Your Own

Make your own butterfly bandage

  1. Cut a strip from a roll of 2.5 cm adhesive tape and fold it in half lengthwise, sticky side out.
  2. Cut a notch not far from the fold in each long side of the tape.
  3. Unfold the tape, then fold the notched pieces together, sticky side in. The centre of the tape will be non-sticky. Keep this part clean since it will be over the wound.
  4. Use as directed above.

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