How to Become a Gray Man

 How to Become a Gray Man

Becoming a “Gray Man” is all about learning how to keep a low profile and blend in so that you can go pretty much unnoticed.

Why would this be needed? Maybe you are in the middle of civil unrest and need to get through the crowds safely in order to get home. Maybe you’re even in a foreign country that has high rates of kidnapping, or maybe you are in the middle of some other emergency in which you don’t want to stand out.

Learning to become a gray man could be the only thing that keeps you from having a target painted on your back. It can also be a great way of increasing your situational awareness.

Could you “be” invisible if you needed to be?

Never Stand Out in a Crowd

A gray man never wears certain clothing or carries anything that would be deemed out-of-place for whatever environment he’s in.

If they are in an area where everyone is wearing suits, they wouldn’t walk around in a t-shirt and shorts for example, they would wear a suit.

If they are in an area of sports fans and everyone is wearing sports jerseys they wouldn’t walk around in a suit. Understand?

The same goes for the bags they carry. If everybody is carrying briefcases they wouldn’t be seen with a rucksack because they know that people around them will take notice.

It doesn’t matter if you “don’t care what others think.” It’s about personal security in a world that indiscriminately targets those who don’t conform or otherwise would be perceived a threat.

Be the Listener Not the Talker

The gray man is never the most vocal person in a room, but he’s always the best listener. And he is truly listening to what others are saying; not just waiting for his turn to talk.

By doing this, he gains valuable insight into the people around him. He also works hard to control his emotions.

Practice on the Down Low

As preppers and survivalists we are always expanding our skill sets. It is not necessarily a good idea for others to know what skills you actually have.

This doesn’t mean that you need to head off to some extremely remote area to practice but a gray man doesn’t go out of his way to let people know that he has those skills.

Avoid Confrontation

You need to avoid confrontation as best you can. A gray man wouldn’t intentionally put himself, his friends or his family in harm’s way.  He doesn’t go around trying to let everyone know that he is a “bad ass.” A Grey Man with skills never starts a fight because he knows he might have to finish one.

Maintain Situational Awareness

I mentioned right at the start of the guide about situational awareness. Although he would keep on the down low, a gray man should always aware that he or others around him could be put in harm’s way at any time. He knows that bad things can happen and he is neither surprised or shocked when it happens. He would never walk around with his head down looking at his phone like most people do in society.

Be Self-Sufficient

In a SHTF situation, being able to survive and get home without having to rely on the charity of others, is essential because not everyone in a desperate situation will have the best of intentions.

Avoid Eye Contact

Avoid eye contact whenever possible. Keep your eyes focused ahead of you as eye contact gives someone a reason to engage with you. In addition to eye contact, avoid getting into conversations when possible. This is a worse case as a conversation will form a lot of impressions in someone’s mind.

What are we missing? What would you add? How would you become a gray man? Let us hear your thoughts on Twitter.

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