How to Build a Fire on Snow

 How to Build a Fire on Snow

We don’t like to think about having to face a survival situation during the winter months. The fact is, you will have to spend extra time to gain the knowledge needed to learn extra skills for use during this time. One of those skills? Building a fire in the snow.

Now, with just a little snow around, it would be fairly easy to get a fire going but what do we do when faced with deep snow?

Done correctly, it doesn’t need to be difficult to build a fire in the snow and can be done with very little tools.

Start off by finding an area that will shelter the fire from any wind.

We can’t just build a fire directly on top of the snow or as it melts, it will douse our coals.

Platform for Your Fire

The key to building a successful fire on top of deep snow is that you create a platform. If you’re in the wilderness, this really won’t be an issue as you can use natural materials that are laying around. A few logs will work perfectly.

Your platform can either be made from dead or live wood. Due to moisture content, live wood will last longer without burning. Just replace the parts of the platform as needed.

On top of the platform, you can build your fire as you normally would with your kindling, tinder, and fuel of choice.

Fire Pit

Fire pit in snow

Your second option will take a little extra work but will be well worth it. You will however need some form of tool that will allow you to dig.

If you have a sharp knife or axe you can chop into the end of a thick branch to create a sort of Shovel that can be used for digging.

You will need to dig down to about a couple of inches above solid ground, and then construct a circle of stones to create a fire pit for your fire.

Place the stones next to each other but not directly touching. Build your fire as you usually would with kindling, tinder, and fuel if you have it.

Again, you can use a small platform so that your fire is not directly on the snow.

Whichever method you choose, collect plenty of wood so that you have it ready when you need it for changing out the bits for the platform.

Below are a couple of notable videos that I believe may be of help to our readers.

Have any more tips for starting a fire in the snow? Let us hear them in the comments below.

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